Video: Kari Lake trolls media and mocks radical leftist gender ideology, apparently while milking a cow

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While sitting on a stool next to a cow that she was apparently milking, Kari Lake used the opportunity to troll the media and point out that there are just two genders.

Lake turned to a group of people, asking which of them was from the New York Times. After a woman raised her hand to say that she was from the outlet, Lake asked the individual if she knew there are just two genders.

The person from the Times, camera in hand, responded by saying that she just takes pictures.

“There’s only two genders,” Lake said, adding that people in Iowa know it. “I challenge the New York Times reporter and the Washington Post reporter to” attempt milking a cow and then attempt milking a bull and seeing “how that goes.”

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The photographer replied, saying that she has previously milked a cow.

Lake’s comments about gender come as some promote radical leftist gender ideology that defies reality.

Lake lost Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial contest to Democrat Katie Hobbs, but has claimed that the election was stolen and that she really won. “I didn’t lose. I won. They stole this,” Lake has declared.

She is supporting former President Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary contest as Trump seeks to clinch the party’s presidential nod for the third consecutive cycle. According to a press release, Lake is in Iowa as a Trump surrogate.

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