WHY ONLY NOW? FDA rules that doctors can now prescribe ivermectin for COVID-19

previous stance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suddenly declared that it is now okay for doctors in the United States to prescribe ivermectin as a remedy for patients suffering from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ashley Cheung Honold, a Department of Justice (DoJ) lawyer representing the FDA, announced during oral arguments at an August 8 hearing in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit that the FDA now “explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID.”

This is an about-face from what the FDA did all during the “pandemic” by not only banning the prescription of ivermectin for COVID but also going after doctors who dared to defy the corrupt federal agency’s do-not-prescribe orders.

At one point, the FDA even mocked the public for believing in ivermectin, falsely claiming that it is just “horse paste” for horses and livestock. The FDA must have forgotten during the scamdemic – maybe it was the COVID brain fog? – that the agency approved ivermectin for human use back in the 1990s.

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“You are not a horse,” the FDA tweeted on Aug. 21, 2021, when X was still called Twitter. “You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

Nobody trusts the FDA anymore; the agency is a really bad JOKE

The case was brought before the courts by three separate doctors who allege the FDA unlawfully interfered with their medical practices simply because they prescribed ivermectin to some of their patients who benefitted from the safe and effective generic drug.


In 2022, a federal judge dismissed the initial case, prompting the plaintiffs to file an appeal.

“The fundamental issue in this case is straightforward,” said Jared Kelson, representing the doctors, to the appeals court.

“After the FDA approves the human drug for sale, does it then have the authority to interfere with how that drug is used within the doctor-patient relationship? The answer is no.”

Besides the mocking tweet from 2021, the FDA also lied at a later date to the public by falsely claiming that ivermectin “isn’t authorized to treat COVID-19,” even though off-label drug use is common with all sorts of other FDA-approved drugs.

“FDA made these statements in response to multiple reports of consumers being hospitalized after self-medicating with ivermectin intended for horses, which is available for purchase over the counter without the need for prescription,” Honold tried to claim in the FDA’s defense.

Honold further tried to rewrite history by claiming that the FDA never required anyone to do anything or not do anything when it comes to taking ivermectin for COVID – remember, though, that ivermectin is only available in the U.S. with a doctor’s prescription.

“What about when it said, ‘No, stop it’?” Circuit Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod snapped back to Honold’s ridiculous claims of defense towards the FDA. “Why isn’t that a command? If you were in English class, they would say that was a command.”

Judge Elrod truly deserves commendation for using logic to deconstruct Honold’s phony arguments and claims, which clearly do not pass muster. The FDA directly interfered with U.S. physicians and their legal right to practice medicine as they best see fit, and the corrupt federal agency needs to be held accountable for its crimes against humanity.

Hilariously, Honold responded back to Judge Elrod that when the FDA made these direct commands, they were “merely quips” and supposedly not intended to be taken seriously.

“In some contexts, those words could be construed as a command,” Honold further tried to state.

“But in this context, where FDA was simply using these words in the context of a quippy tweet meant to share its informational article, those statements do not rise to the level of a command.”

More related news coverage can be found at FDA.news.

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