Silly Vegan Propaganda Claims Eggs Cause Blood Clots

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Avid consumers of eggs, such as myself, may be shocked to learn that these animal products, consumed for literal millennia by cultures worldwide, allegedly cause blood clots.

As I have documented elsewhere, the corporate state media and the Public Health™ establishment they serve are desperate to blame literally anything other than the COVID mRNA shots for increased heart attack/stroke rates in the post-pandemic era.

These alleged culprits include:

… And now, purportedly, eggs.

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Via Express (UK):

Blood clots typically form in the veins of the legs, arm and groin. It is when they break off and travel to other parts of the body, such as the lungs, that they pose a risk. Typically risk factors for blood clotting include surgery, cancer, and pregnancy. The findings from one small study, however, imply that a nutrient found in eggs and meat may also increase the risk of blood clotting.

Choline, an essential nutrient for optimal health, is sometimes sold in over-the-counter dietary supplements.

The British Medical Journal states: “It is well appreciated that animal foods contain more choline per unit weight than plant sources.

“In general, beef, eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, milk and certain foods such as cruciferous broccoli provide some dietary choline.”

A study conducted by Cleveland Clinic suggested that choline could make the blood more prone to clotting.

This is so stupid it’s almost beyond the pale, even for a rag like Express UK and the Cleveland Clinic, which incidentally got everything wrong that it could possibly get wrong about the COVID fiasco.

First of all, egg yolks are arguably the most nutrient-dense food products on the planet. They are abundant in a veritable cornucopia of essential nutrients, including choline, which is essential for healthy brain development, brain function, lipid metabolism, and numerous other crucial functions.

Express UK didn’t bother to link to the actual study it was referring to that it claimed showed a link between egg consumption and stroke by way of excessive choline intake. But it appears to be referencing a 2017 study titled “Gut Microbe-Generated Trimethylamine N-Oxide From Dietary Choline Is Prothrombotic in Subjects,” published in the medical journal Circulation:

We prospectively recruited healthy vegans/vegetarians (n=8) and omnivores (n=10) with no preceding (1 month) history of antibiotics or probiotics. This is a single-center study approved by the Cleveland Clinic Institutional Review Board. After informed consent, subjects (46±5yo, 40% male, non-smokers without hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease) were given oral choline supplementation (choline bisulfate 500mg twice daily, ~450mg total choline/day) for 2 months with monthly blood testing after overnight fast. Both vegan/vegetarian and omnivore alike showed significant >10-fold increases in plasma TMAO levels at both 1 and 2 month periods…
Compared to baseline, choline again increased both fasting plasma TMAO levels and ADP-dependent platelet aggregation responses at 1 and 2 months of supplementation.

So, basically, the theory the researchers were expounding was that eggs increased TMAO and, therefore, increased stroke risk, although that’s not at all what they measured. They only proved the first half of the theory – demonstrating that TMAO increases following egg consumption – but the study offered nothing about whether the participants actually experienced an increase in stroke rate.

It should also be noted that the researchers were feeding participants choline capsules, not egg yolks.

A subsequent 2021 study – by the same research group, incidentally – found that choline supplements but not eggs raised fasting TMAO levels, in effect proving that the conclusions inferred from their previous study were bunk.

But let’s not let facts get in the way of a solid vegan propaganda production.

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