Did leftist global warming zealots start deadly Hawaiian fires to spread climate fear and anxiety?

Did leftist global warming zealots start deadly Hawaiian fires to spread climate fear and anxiety?

The latest figures out of fire-stricken Hawaii are 55 dead in Maui and the complete destruction of the historic city of Lahaina.

Dozens of additional people have been injured by the fires, some of them critically, in what has been dubbed the state’s deadliest natural disaster since 1960 when a tsunami killed 61 people on the Big Island.

As of Thursday, 80 percent of the fire is contained, and the blame game is now taking place where one side says the fires are just a natural occurrence while the other blames it on global warming and climate change.

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There are even those who say the fires may have been intentionally started by arsonists afflicted with climate anxiety or some other climate disorder who convinced themselves that burning down an entire area will somehow force the world to go “green.”

(Related: Authorities in Greece recently revealed that the wildfires there are not the result of global warming, but rather the outcome of deliberate arson likely perpetrated by climate terrorists.)

“We are heartsick,” said Hawaii Gov. Josh Green, adding that the death toll is expected to increase as search and rescue operations continue. “Lahaina, with a few rare exceptions, has been burned down.”

Climate terrorists are becoming a serious threat to the nation

We are told that more than 1,000 structures in Maui have been destroyed by the fires so far, and that more could burn to a crisp in the remaining 20 percent of land area where the fires are still burning unabated.

“We are still in life preservation mode,” said Adam Weintraub, a spokesman for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.


Sadly, one of the largest banyan trees in the United States was destroyed by the fire, which some media outlets are comparing to “a horror movie.”

For 150 years, the massive tree that stretched an entire city block provided shade for community residents, tourists and events. It stood more than 60 feet tall, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Officially, the fire was caused by dry conditions and strong winds from Hurricane Dora, which passed far south of Hawaii but left significant weather residue in Maui’s path.

Since leftists now claim that all bad weather, and especially a hurricane, is the result of global warming, the narrative now goes that all of this could have been avoided if people stopped eating meat and driving gas-powered cars.

We wonder, though: Were the Hawaii fires started by climate arsonists to fuel their quest to “decarbonize” the world? Is this just another false flag drummed up by the climate-obsessed greenies to make it seem like the world is on fire because it is too hot outside?

The same curious situation has occurred in California and the West Coast time and time again with mysterious wildfires popping up seemingly out of nowhere, only to later get blamed on climate change.

Many such past wildfires show evidence of arson, and this latest fire in Hawaii is no exception. Seeing what those Just Stop Oil creeps are doing in the United Kingdom as they destroy artwork and block traffic to improve the weather (or something) only furthers the notion that these deadly fires are being deliberately engineered to push the government’s climate narrative.

“Maui can’t handle this,” said Alan Dickar, a local business owner. “A lot of people just lost their jobs because a lot of businesses burned. A lot of people lost their homes … This is going to be devastating for Maui.”

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