MSNBC Skimps on News of Alleged Mammoth Payouts to Biden Family From Shady Cats

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Not only have ABC, CBS, and NBC not been interested in Wednesday’s reporting from the House Oversight Committee that the Bidens have taken in $20 million in payments and some coming from foreign oligarchs, but MSNBC has similarly punted and put the proverbial fingers in their ears like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

CNN has thus far only had one mention during CNN’s The Lead as host Jake Tapper tacked on a single question at the end of an interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Including Warren’s deflection, the exchange only lasted three minutes and three seconds.

The Fox News Channel and NewsNation, in contrast, actually cared about sharing this with their viewers. Following its release around 9:00 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday, 12 out of 13 FNC shows covered it and three out of nine on NewsNation (with one at least having a segment vaguely discussing alleged Biden family corruption).

Fox & Friends fetched a hefty 24 minutes and 31 seconds and, over on NewsNation, Morning in America garnered four minutes and 24 seconds.

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None of this was to say Hunter Biden didn’t come up on MSNBC on Wednesday and Thursday. In the 10:00 a.m. Eastern hour Wednesday, former GOP Congressman-turned-supposed free thinker (read: Democrat) David Jolly blasted Republicans for supposedly wanting to “talk about Hunter Biden than anything related to reproductive health.”

Fast-forward three hours and correspondent Julie Tsirkin had a report from the Hill that some Republicans were hesitant about the slow movement toward launching impeachment proceedings of President Joe Biden “because they don’t know if there’s enough evidence linking President Biden to his son Hunter’s financial dealings.”

The Swamp’s favorite show Morning Joe repeatedly mocked any and all focus on the Bidens. Co-host Joe Scarborough mocked discussion of the laptop in the first hour (which then reaired in the third hour:

I’ve been disturbed by the fact that establishment Republicans who claim to be anti-Trump, even if they were anti anti-Trump at the same time, have all said, “oh, this is Jack Smith. This is about the First Amendment. Or what about Hunter Biden’s, like, laptop” or a lot of different distractions from Jack Smith and Jan’uary 6th. For some reason, the Republican establishment that was anti-Trump is now scurrying back to him, claiming, somehow, that Jack Smith is — is attacking Donald Trump for using his First Amendment rights.

In the second hour, Scarborough again blasted discussion of Hunter’s life of ruin: 

They are career professionals. Most people in the Justice Department are. For Republicans, for Donald Trump supporters who are saying, “Oh, what about Hillary Clinton? What about Hunter Biden?” Let me underline that Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton indicted under his department of justice, and the attorney general said that there wasn’t anything to indict her on, so those arguments are — are absolutely without merit.

Instead, both CNN and MSNBC have been all over the latest smear campaign from far-left ProPublic targeting Justice Clarence Thomas for having wealthy friends as the latest piece aimed at having the conservative jurist removed from the court.

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