STUDY: Most Americans have been “vaccinated” for covid whether they wanted it or not due to “shedding”

STUDY: Most Americans have been “vaccinated” for covid whether they wanted it or not due to “shedding”

Researchers at the University of Colorado have published a study showing that it does not really matter if you just said no to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” because more than likely a “fully vaccinated” family member, friend, or even neighbor “shed” the jab on you regardless.

According to the experts at CU, aerosol transmission of antibodies represents “an entirely unrecognized mechanism by which passive immune protection may be communicated.” In other words, the fully jabbed are spilling the vial contents not only inside their own bodies by getting pricked but also to others who come near them simply through proximity.

“Whether antibody transfer mediates host protection will be a function of exposure, but it seems reasonable to suggest, all things being equal, that any amount of antibody transfer would prove useful to the recipient host,” the research team stated.

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(Related: Research published earlier this year in the Infectious Diseases Research journal shows that the “fully vaccinated” are walking bioweapons factories that are shedding mRNA and other poisons onto their friends and neighbors.)

Mad scientists say parents can “immunize” their children against covid simply by shedding on them

Keep in mind that CU researchers are in favor of this shedding mechanism, emphasizing the fact that it allows for fully jabbed adults to “immunize” children, including not only their own children but also other people’s children.

Another study cited in this study explains that “substantial benefits” can be had from this “parental vaccination” method, which pro-covid jab extremists still claim can “reduc[e] the risk of infection in the unvaccinated children in the same home.”


Responding to these studies’ findings, Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading cardiologist and Fauci Flu expert, stated that these are “sad results” that only confirm the fears many people had about the possibility of covid jabs shedding onto others.

“Beyond the outsized health risks they post to individuals, these risks may be transferrable to bystanders in their immediate vicinity,” McCullough further stated.

There is a small silver lining in all this, though. According to science, taking a daily dose of over-the-counter nattokinase, an enzyme known for its ability to degrade mRNA-bearing spike proteins, may help to protect oneself against covid jab shedding.

“Out of all the available therapies I have used in my practice and among all the proposed detoxification agents, I believe nattokinase and related peptides hold the greatest promise for patients at this time,” McCullough says.

Other natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins that may help as well include:

• Selenium, which may help the body repair itself and recover from injury

• Dandelion root, which may prevent spike proteins from binding to cells

• Black sativa extract, which may facilitate cellular repair

• Green tea extract, which may provide added defenses at the cellular level by scavenging for free radicals

• Irish sea moss, which may help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle

People who take this combination of nutrients report that they regained their loss of smell and taste, as one example, this being a common symptom reported during the covid “pandemic” era when the Operation Warp Speed injections were first unleashed.

“I was also worried about shedding from family members as well as coming down with additional variants,” one person wrote about why she chose to take nattokinase and these other substances. “A month and a half later and I feel so much better.”

Even people who took the actual jabs and now regret it can still benefit from nattokinase, selenium, dandelion root, black sativa extract, green tea extract, and Irish sea moss.

The covid “vaccine” holocaust has only just begun. Learn more at

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