Outraged advocates accuse Biden admin of ‘dehumanizing’ migrants with ‘shocking’ deportation videos

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Immigration advocates are outraged at the Biden administration over its release of “dehumanizing” videos of migrants being deported to their home countries.

The videos are intended to dissuade migrants from making the trek through South America to the U.S.-Mexico border, but various immigration advocacy groups are decrying the administration.

“This is something I would have expected under the old administration, not under this administration,” said Tom Cartwright with Witness at the Border.

Cartwright’s organization signed a letter of 11 groups demanding that the Biden administration stop releasing “B-roll for removal flights” to media outlets.

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“These are people who have in many cases [fled] to the United States for safety. And we turn around and basically dehumanize them to make a point about our immigration or about our strong immigration stance,” Cartwright added.

The National Immigrant Justice Center was one of the leading organizations that signed the letter.

“The use of this footage is shocking and dehumanizing, and ICE should immediately discontinue it,” read the release.

“Entirely missing from these frames is the complexity of the human story behind each family, including the love, devotion, and courage that led that family to leave their homes in search of safety and the trauma of being forced back to danger,” the release continued. “The blurred faces, militarized surroundings, and police pat downs of parents clinging to their children dehumanizes these families and portrays them as threats.”

NIJC policy director Heidi Altman claimed the policy was ineffective.

“The U.S. government has been trying to discourage migration to the United States using the deterrence framework, officially at least since 1994, and just continues to ignore the fact that there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that it has ever worked,” said Altman.

Altman went on to accuse the Biden administration of releasing the video out of political motivation.

“It’s been clear for a while now that the political discourse around immigration is increasingly xenophobic, increasingly includes dehumanizing references and images and call-outs,” she added.

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