CNN: Biden Admin Desperate to Sell Bidenomics So the Regime is Putting Up Signs with Biden’s Name on Them at Construction Sites (VIDEO)


Guest post by David Greyson

In what appears to be desperation, the Biden Administration is putting signs with Biden’s name on them up at construction sites in an attempt to boost weak poll numbers.

Polling shows the American people are not buying into ‘Bidenomics.’

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As The Gateway Pundit reported, Joe Biden keeps talking about how great the economy is and trying to take credit for it but polling shows that the American people are not buying his song and dance.

Millions of Americans across the country are still struggling with the higher prices of gas, food, and other basic items.

You simply cannot lie to people about how much money they have.

This shows just how truly out of touch the Biden Administration is with the average American.

In an interview on CNN, Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz actually believes these Biden signs will help.

“Making sure that we label the infrastructure investments and the wi-fi investments, and the superfund cleanup, all the investments being made, the jobs that are being brought back from overseas, the supercomputers that are gonna be built as a result of chips being manufactured here,” the Democrat lawmaker said. “All of that has to be communicated visibly and also comprehensively and eventually you’ll start to see that baking in.”

Based on these claims of obscurity, it’s no wonder the American people don’t trust this administration and its backers.

Where is Wasserman Schultz’s evidence of jobs being brought back? There is no mention of the fact that Joe Biden literally destroyed our energy independence that we had under President Trump.

A lot of this is rooted in ethics, or a lack thereof.

A recent Gallup poll shows Joe Biden in a less than favorable light.

“A poll released Thursday showed that a majority of American adults view the ethical performance of the Biden administration negatively.” Newsmax reported.


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