Clown World: Stockton Police Open Investigation into 7-Eleven Staff for Assault After They Beat the Shoplifter Who Threatened to Shoot Them

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Stockton Police Department has launched an investigation into an incident involving 7-Eleven employees who assaulted a shoplifter for stealing and threatening to shoot them.

The Gateway Pundit reported Wednesday that two 7-Eleven workers in Stockton, California beat the absolute tar out of a brazen shoplifter who was using a trash can to steal tobacco products.

In a video filmed by a customer earlier on Tuesday, the employees are seen bravely confronting the suspect about why he was stealing so much. The thief threatens to shoot them and continues to scoop up cigarettes, cigars, and vapes into the trash can.

“I’ll pull my strap on your b***h a**,” the suspect says.

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The customer then advises the employees to let the man continue to brazenly steal: “just let him go. Ain’t nothing you can do until the police come here.”

The workers decide that taking the initiative and halting the crime themselves is the better option instead.

They come together to restrain the suspect. One can be seen holding the thief down while the other wallops him with a stick.

The customer starts cheering on the employees delivering the epic beatdown.

The robber is hit at least 25 TIMES with the stick. At the end of the beating, he screams for mercy.

“Okay, okay! Yeah, I’m done! I’m going to go,” said the thief.

In another video shot by the customer, the thief says he was beaten so badly that he can’t stand up and walk out on his own. The customer convinces the employees to let him lead the thief out of the store but has no patience for the suspect’s whining.

However, the story takes an absurd turn as the police have now launched an investigation into the actions of these workers who was trying to defend the store.

According to an update from the Stockton Police, the same 7-Eleven location has reported two other similar robbery incidents involving the same suspect in the days preceding the assault, according to

On July 28 and July 29, the suspect had threatened store employees and stole goods, once again using a large garbage bag as his loot carrier.

Interestingly, the beating that was captured in the viral video appears to have taken place during the suspect’s third visit to the store.

According to the police, they were unaware of the attempted robbery and assault at the time. However, they were called to assist a man requesting medical aid due to pain in his leg and shoulder around 3:45 a.m., whom they now believe to be the same suspect.

With the assistance of witness video of the July 29 robbery, the police have now linked all the incidents. Upon the conclusion of their investigation, the findings will be forwarded to the San Joaquin County district attorney for review.


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