Megyn Kelly highlights her family and lucrative career while firing back at Justin Baragona of the Daily Beast and Keith Olbermann

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Megyn Kelly, who has built a massive YouTube channel that boasts more than 1.3 million subscribers, fired back at Justin Baragona and Keith Olbermann on Friday.

“In just a few short years, Megyn Kelly went from one of the most sought-after and highly-paid anchors in television news — to a YouTuber devoting her time to raging about what woke beer another podcaster drinks,” Justin Baragona of the Daily Beast tweeted, sharing the link to a piece he wrote.

Kelly responded to Baragona’s tweet, by pointing out that she’s been enormously successful in digital media and now wields complete editorial power over her content.

“I fixed the headline for him: In just a few short years, Megyn Kelly went from working for corporate douchebags who tried to ruin her career to launching her own media company and creating one of the top digital shows in the country of which she has full editorial control. She continues to earn more than @justinbaragona or @keitholbermann will ever gross in their lifetime, all while happily married & raising her own children,” Kelly wrote.

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Kelly’s mention of Keith Olbermann came after the left-wing figure had responded to Baragona’s post by describing Kelly as a “moronic a**hole” and claiming that she had only been hired by NBC because of her appearance.

“Or: @megynkelly went from a highly-paid moronic asshole who got a lot of money from an @nbc executive who never really bothered to examine and her work and only hired her for her looks and then everybody at nbc found out she was a moronic a**hole,” Olbermann wrote. “And for the record: the criticism here is of the executive, not @megynkelly,” Olbermann added. “His name was Andy Lack and he was notorious for doing this. Most of them looked like one of his ex-wives at different stages in her life,” Olbermann claimed.

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