Berlin builds new, state-of-the-art 128-apartment social housing complex exclusively for ILLEGALS

Berlin builds new, state-of-the-art 128-apartment social housing complex exclusively for ILLEGALS

A new social housing apartment complex is slated to finish being built and opened in May 2024, but the facility will only be available to non-German illegal aliens.

The Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte (WBM) housing association is planning to make the 128-apartment complex on Askanierring in the Spandau borough of Berlin available to around 570 “refugees” who are expected to move in and live there indefinitely.

Any leftover units will eventually be made available to Berliners, but not until every last illegal has his fill of the free housing project.

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Lars Dormeyer, the managing director of WBM, praised the project as “contributing to the integration of refugees,” seeing no issue whatsoever with the fact that accommodations will only be available to non-Germans with brown skin.

Since the complex will eventually become a “long-term attractive living space for all Berliners,” Dormeyer has no problem with it being unveiled as an illegals-only housing project.

(Related: Germany’s top economist is trying to import 1.5 million migrants per year – no need to speak German.)

Meanwhile, poor and elderly Germans are being EVICTED from their apartments to make room for even more illegal migrants

It would be one thing if every last German was fully accommodated with adequate housing and all of their other needs met, but the fact of the matter is that there are thousands, if not millions, of Germans who are in dire straits just trying to make ends meet.

In the German town of Lörrach, for instance, 40 tenants, all of them poor and / or elderly, are being kicked out of their apartments to make even more room for migrants. It is a “brazen” move from the city’s housing association, which has no legal ground to kick these Germans out of their own living spaces.


As for the Berlin project, a spokesperson said that “there is currently no date when the first Berliners can move in.” This means that illegal migrants will have first pick and be able to stay for as long as they want.

“It is not possible to give an exact date,” said building senator Christian Gaebler (SPD) to the local press about the matter. “That depends on how long the apartments are needed as refugee accommodation.”

In a statement to the B.Z. newspaper, one member of the Christian Democrat (CDU) opposition party called the move “totally unbelievable,” adding that the local government needs to make sure the apartment complex becomes available to needy Berliners “after three years at the latest.”

In 2023 alone, the German government is spending nearly $40 billion on illegal migrants, even as Germany’s elderly population especially faces crippling poverty and growing need.

As if this was all not bad enough, there is another 72-apartment complex slated to be built in Berlin “in the best inner-city location.” That one will be exclusively reserved for female senior citizens who identify as either lesbian or bisexual.

Keep in mind that in some areas of Germany, the government has built entire living complexes that are still to this day empty because they are not in places where people actually live and work – talk about a total waste.

One hotel in Sipplingen, near Lake Constance in southern Germany, was supposed to have accommodated asylum seekers when the local government signed a nine-year lease back in 2015 with the goal of renovating it. Those renovations have not yet happened because apparently the government did not realize the extent of the renovations required and simply abandoned the project.

“There was no exit clause from the rental agreement,” stated a spokesman from the Bild newspaper, adding that “the owners had more leverage at the time” in what was a “tight real estate market.”

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