Americans trust congressional Republicans to run the country far more than Biden, CNN poll finds

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A CNN polling analyst said results from the news outlet’s latest poll was “very worrying” for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

The latest CNN poll found that far more Americans trust congressional Republicans on national issues than those who trust the current president.

Only 45% said they trusted Biden while 54% said they trusted congressional Republicans more. The poll also found that 51% of Americans believed the economy was in a slump and getting worse.

The poll comes at a time when the Biden re-election campaign has tried to tout recent economic statistics to persuade American voters that “Bidenomics” have worked and improved their economic situation.

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While Biden has a low 40% general approval rating, his approval drops when asked about the economy.

Only 37% said they approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, and even fewer, 30%, said they approved of his handling of inflation.

On the other hand, 45% of Americans said they were satisfied with their personal financial situation, while 55% said they were dissatisfied.

The results of the CNN poll mirror those of a previous poll published by CBS News.

Among those who are working, 70% told the CBS poll that their work income was not keeping up with inflation, while only 30% said it was keeping up. 65% also said that they would rate the U.S. economy as bad while only 29% would rate the U.S. economy as good.

And while 35% in the poll said they were falling behind financially, only 13% said they were getting ahead.

“This to me is a very worrying sign for the president going into the presidential election year because the fact is if he’s doing this poorly against congressional Republicans, imagine how he might do against a presidential candidate,” said CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten.

Here’s more about polling on the economy:

Most Americans say economy is “struggling,” CBS News poll

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