Democrats Have Alleged Election Fraud for Centuries

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Democrat Joe Biden’s Justice Department (DOJ) yesterday indicted Donald Trump on charges related to Jan. 6, 2021, and Trump’s allegations of 2020 election fraud. It is not in fact a crime to allege election fraud, but, if it were, Democrats literally have centuries of history of screaming that elections are fraudulent. This is hypocrisy of the worst kind.

PJ Media contributor Victor Davis Hanson summed up a number of times Democrats called elections fraudulent, making their charges against Trump outrageously hypocritical.


Special Counsel Jack Smith added new indictments against Donald Trump, among them conspiratorially “unlawfully discounting  legitimate votes.” Was Smith here referencing Stacy Abrams who for years claimed she was the real governor of Georgia, barnstorming the country to overturn the vote count?

In fact, Abrams’s election lawsuit went to trial in 2022, coinciding with her second gubernatorial run! The Washington Free Beacon made a list of 12 separate times Abrams denied the legitimacy of her Republican opponent’s win just in 2019, after her first loss.

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Hanson again:

Or maybe Smith referred to ex-president Jimmy Carter? He “discounted” the 2016 vote by claiming Trump won only due to the “Russians”? Or did Smith mean Hillary Clinton who discounted Trump as an “illegitimate” president, prompting her to join the “Resistance” against an elected president?

Or maybe Smith meant the Hollywood crowd who cut commercials after the 2016 election, begging viewers to pressure the electors to refuse their constitutional duties to honor their states’ popular vote, and instead in insurrectionary fashion vote for Hillary Clinton?

Indeed, the Democrat wailings and denials of reality after the 2016 election should have left a strong impression in all of our minds that the Democrats certainly believe in alleging election illegitimacy when they’re the “victims.”

The 2016 election denial was so public that a 2017 Harvard-Harris poll provided exclusively to The Hill found a significant majority of registered voters (68%) believed Democrats had still not accepted the legitimacy of Trump’s election. Townhall previously published a roundup of Democrats who denied elections’ legitimacy including multiple denying Trump’s election.


Or was Smith thinking of the 32 Democratic House members and Sen. Barbara Boxer in January 2005 who tried to toss out the legally certified vote in Ohio to swing the election to John Kerry?

That doesn’t even mention the 2000 presidential election, where Democrat Al Gore withdrew his concession, “trying to have the vote recounted only in Democrat-heavy Florida counties, and suing to stop ballots from being recounted,” per Breitbart. Democrats continued to claim the election was “stolen” by the Supreme Court from Gore for George W. Bush. Hanson:

Or maybe Smith was referencing Molly Ball’s 2021 Time essay? She bragged of the 2020 “cabal” and “conspiracy” hatched by Democrats, Silicon Valley, and corporatists to spend half-a-billion dollars to change state voting laws, censor the news, modulate the 2020 street protests, and absorb the work of state precinct workers?

Democrats always have “rules for thee but not for me.” Since the early 1800s on, when their political opponents win, they call the election fraudulent even if it isn’t (for instance, see Andrew Jackson falsely labeling John Quincy Adams’s 1824 win fraudulent because the latter won after a drawn-out but constitutional Electoral College battle).

As former Rep. Rick Renzi said, Trump’s third indictment is about “our right to protest.” Democrats protest vociferously when they lose, and shut down any protests when they win.

If calling an election fraudulent were a crime, there are dozens if not hundreds of Democrats who would be in serious trouble. This latest Trump indictment is bogus. It’s a hypocritical attempt from Democrats to shut down their primary Republican challenger.

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