STUDY finds Moderna’s COVID booster shots caused 3,000X more heart damaging than initially thought

STUDY finds Moderna’s COVID booster shots caused 3,000X more heart damaging than initially thought

A new peer-reviewed study has Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “experts” scrambling for cover as it shows that the cardiovascular damage caused by Moderna’s mRNA injections, and particularly its “booster” shots, for covid are orders of magnitude more dangerous than originally claimed.

According to the study, heart-related injuries from the Moderna booster shot are 3,000 times higher than first alleged. Researchers discovered that a shocking one in 25 health care workers at a Swiss hospital who got jabbed showed signs of heart injury caused by the shots.

The paper further reveals that Moderna’s booster shots are more damaging to women than men, on average, though both genders – and yes, there are only two genders – are negatively affected by the injections.

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(Related: Moderna’s “solution” to the heart damage caused by its covid injections is another “vaccine” that the company claims can “repair heart muscle” after getting damaged by the mRNA jabs.)

What do an ESPN reporter, singer Tori Kelly, and basketball player Bronny James have in common? They all suffered heart incidents recently due to covid injections

The new study was released right around the time that an ESPN soccer reporter collapsed live during a transmission – watch below:


Keep in mind that the reporter above is pro-vaccine – or at least he was pro-vaccine.

In another frightening incident at a restaurant, singer Tori Kelly collapsed live as well due to blood clots that are probably linked to covid injections. Kelly was performing in Los Angeles at the time, and because of the “really serious” blood clots, she had to be taken to the hospital where medical workers found clots around the Grammy winner’s lungs, as well as in her legs.

Then there was the horrifying incident of Bronny James, the 18-year-old son of NBA star LeBron James, who suffered a heart attack while practicing at University of Southern California (USC).

James was not the only USC basketball team player who suffered a heart attack recently, by the way. It is apparently quite common for college athletes to drop to the floor suddenly as their respective schools require covid injection as a condition of playing and attending classes.

Pro-jab extremists are already attempting to “debunk” the new study, claiming that the heart damage caused by Moderna’s covid injections is, get this: “mild” and “transitory” in most cases, they insist.

“The presence of any heart damage is extremely concerning, whether it’s minor and temporary or not,” noted Revolver about the ridiculousness of this claim.

“Nobody knows yet what that could develop into down the road, and you have to wonder how many people would have taken that shot if they knew that ‘heart damage’ of any kind was a high risk.”

In the comments, someone added to the conversation that it is unlikely that many, or even any, of these incidents will be publicly attributed to covid jabs.

“I, for one, will NEVER trust a doctor again,” wrote another. “Learn self-healing and natural preventatives and remedies, people! You can grow a medicinal garden for almost all of what ails you.”

“One of the significant casualties of the covid ‘affair’ is the complete loss of credibility of the so-called medical establishment,” wrote another.

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