Republican Rep. Aaron Bean targets Department of Education with ‘FREEZE Act’ to prohibit appointing people to department, creating new roles

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Republican Rep. Aaron Bean of Florida is targeting the Department of Education with a proposal that would prohibit appointing people to any role in the department. The proposal would also prohibit creating new positions at the bureaucracy.

The text of the “FREEZE Act” states that “no individual may be appointed to any position within the Department of Education” and “no new position may be established at the Department of Education.”

“There is permanently rescinded, from the unobligated balance of all amounts appropriated or otherwise made available for the salaries and expenses of the Department of Education as of the date of the enactment of this Act, such sums as may be in excess of the amount required to cover the salary or expenses of each person employed by the Department as of such date of enactment,” the text also states.

“Parents should have the loudest voice in their kids’ educational development, not unelected government bureaucrats,” Bean noted in a statement, according to the Daily Caller, which also published a copy of the legislative proposal. “It’s past time to get the feds out of the classroom and stop the ever-increasing bureaucracy at the Department of Education. Imposing a hiring freeze at the department is just the first step to decrease the role of the federal government and return education policy to where it belongs—the state and local level.”

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Many Americans would like to see the entire Department of Education eliminated, and some lawmakers have pushed legislation that would terminate the department.

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