De-transitioner Chloe Cole demolishes Neil deGrasse Tyson for claiming genetics are ‘insufficient’ to explain gender

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is catching heat after he claimed that genetics cannot sufficiently determine a person’s gender.

In an interview with sports commentator Stephen A. Smith in May, Tyson said that sex chromosomes are “insufficient” for determining a person’s gender, lending credence to gender theory.

In the clip, Tyson said:

Apparently, the XX/XY chromosomes are insufficient because when we wake up in the morning, we exaggerate whatever feature we want to portray the gender of our choice. Either the one you’re assigned, the one you choose to be — whatever it is!

Now, just to tie a bow on this, I say to you, somewhere I read — somewhere, I think I read — that the United States was a land where we have the pursuit of happiness. Suppose no matter my chromosomes today, “I feel 80% female, 20% male. I’m gonna put on makeup.” Tomorrow, I might feel 80% male. I’ll remove the makeup and I’ll wear a muscle shirt. Why do you care?! What businesses is it of yours to require that I fulfill your inability to think of gender on a spectrum?

Chloe Cole — a former transgender person who de-transitioned and now advocates against trans ideology — rebuked Tyson in a response video for amateurishly comparing biology and makeup.

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“How about we stop confusing basic human biology with cosmetics?” Cole said on Tuesday. “Like what a weird jump. I don’t wear makeup most days. If I leave the house without makeup on, does that make me like 70% male?”

The real danger of Tyson’s remarks, Cole argued, is that he confused “1950s gender stereotypes” as justification for “an ideology that leads to the sterilization and mastectomies of 15-year-old girls who just don’t fit in — girls like me.”

Moreover, the irony of Tyson’s argument, Cole added, is that he reinforced the fact that biological sex is binary.

“The idea that people can be percentages of either male or female just further reinforces that fact that biological sex is a binary. There’s only two,” she said. “There may only be two sexes, but there are an infinite number of personalities. I mean, it really doesn’t take a degree in astrophysics to know that.”

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