The Left’s Shameless Gaslighting on Joe Biden’s Influence Peddling

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It was obvious that even the White House knew that Joe Biden was in trouble when it started changing the rhetoric about his involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings. Despite all the evidence that has trickled out over the years that Joe Biden did in fact talk business with Hunter and his associates, Biden and the White House consistently maintained without any ambiguity that it never happened, and the media amplified these claims.

The change in rhetoric was clearly in response to evidence uncovered by the House Oversight Committee and the testimony of former Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer — whose bombshell testimony proved that Joe Biden has been lying about his involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings.

But that’s not what the media wants us to believe now. In a report about Archer’s testimony, the New York Times claimed that Archer “asserted that the elder Mr. Biden was not party to any of his son’s business deals and that Hunter Biden had tried to sell the illusion that he was providing access to his powerful father when he was not, according to Democrats on the panel.”

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) was reportedly the only Democrat who participated in the closed-door hearing. Goldman served as lead counsel in the first Trump impeachment and also made the outlandish claim that Joe Biden only exchanged “niceties” with Hunter’s business partners in over 20 phone calls that he participated in and that Joe Biden was oblivious to the people he was talking to.

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The report also claimed, “It has long been known that the elder Mr. Biden at times interacted with his son’s business partners.”

This, of course, is another lie. The media, like the White House, is gaslighting you. For years, the media has steadfastly defended Biden and claimed that there’s no evidence he ever had any communication with Hunter’s business partners, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. In 2020, before the election, Tony Bobulinski, another former associate of Hunter Biden, came forward with evidence that Joe Biden was deeply involved in their foreign business dealings, but the media insisted it was all bunk.

“So far, much of what Bobulinski has said remains unverified,” claimed PolitiFact days before the presidential election. “What Trump allies were trying to sell as a smoking gun in the run-up to the election has produced little smoke thus far. It’s the latest chapter in the push for dirt on Hunter Biden that led to Trump’s impeachment in 2019.”

Politifact cited “credible news organizations” that insisted that Bobulinski’s allegations were uncorroborated, including the New York Times, which concluded that “There is no evidence in the records that Mr. Biden was involved in or profited” from a joint venture with a Chinese company in 2017, despite emails showing that 10% of the planned profits were to go to “the big guy,” who has since been confirmed to be Joe Biden.

Just like the White House, the media has clearly given up on the ruse that Biden never had any contact with Hunter’s business partners and are now saying that it’s no big deal and that it was all innocent. The changing narrative proves at the very least that Biden’s defenders have backed themselves into a corner. One could say that the walls are closing in on the Biden Crime Family.

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