Is the DOJ trying to DISCREDIT Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer?

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In the Biden family’s foreign business empire, Devon Archer is “ground zero,” according to Glenn Beck.

“Devon Archer is the guy who knows where all the bodies are buried, perhaps literally, we’re not sure at this point,” Glenn says half-jokingly.

Archer was supposed to testify to Congress last week about Hunter’s overseas business dealings and whether or not President Biden played a role. However, the DOJ released a letter related to Archer’s upcoming prison sentence and then sent another letter denying that it was attempting to intimidate Archer before his testimony.

“Apparently the committee knows at least his opening statement, and there are some things that he is going to say, apparently, that will not go well for the Bidens,” Glenn explains.

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“Now, if I were Hunter Biden, I would think to myself: ‘Hmm, I know I’m not suicidal, but I could be committing suicide by the end of this week,’” he adds.

Beck believes the questions that are going to be asked will range from “why did Burisma hire Hunter Biden in April 2014 on the eve of his father’s vice presidency” to “what did Joe Biden know about Hunter’s business dealings in China, Ukraine, Romania, and Russia?”

Apparently, Archer was in attendance for several parties and/or board meetings that would give him special insight into these topics.

Another question that may be asked is why the former vice president phoned in to some of the Burisma board meetings specifically “when the firm was panicked that Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor, was escalating his probe of the Ukrainian firm.”

“That one is really important,” Glenn says.

“I have no idea of my son’s business dealings but I happened to call into a Burisma board meeting, what, to say: ‘Hi, hey, I hate to interrupt your board meeting son I just want to know how are you? Are you okay? Is everything all right?’” Glenn mocked.

Glenn believes the entire situation is too ridiculous to not be absolutely corrupt.

“Hey, how about a crack addict and his friend who have no experience at all? There’s a good idea, let’s give them more access to our market than anyone, including Bank of America, Citibank, and all the others. Let’s give them more access and more money than anyone else in the world.”

“Does that make sense to you?” Glenn asks.

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