Women Enter Miss Italy Pageant To Own the Transphobes… or Something

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Earlier this month, the Miss Italy pageant banned biological males from competing in the pageant just because they are pretending to be women.

“Lately, beauty contests have been trying to make the news by also using strategies that I think are a bit absurd,” Miss Italy patron Patrizia Mirigliani explained. “Since it was born, my competition has foreseen in its regulation the clarification according to which one must be a woman from birth. Probably because, even then, it was foreseen that beauty could undergo modifications, or that women could undergo modifications, or that men could become women.”

The move came in response to the epidemic of men successfully entering women’s pageants and winning them, effectively robbing real women of accolades and opportunities. One notable example was last year, when an obese boy won the Miss Greater Derry pageant in New Hampshire.

Well, the Miss Italy pageant wasn’t going to let their competition become a parody. And now the trans community is fighting back… in the most absurd way possible.

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An Italian trans activist who calls herself Federico Barbarossa, who has apparently mutilated her body to appear more masculine, has decided to enter the pageant in order to prove a point.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, well, I was assigned female at birth, but they would reject me because I look like a boy, and they would consider me as a boy,’” Barbarossa told NBC News. So she entered the pageant under her birth name, and her entry was confirmed. Her campaign went viral, and she now estimates that 100 so-called “trans men” have entered the pageant.

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Barbarossa thinks she’s really stuck it to Miss Italy organizers because they “really have to go through every single application,” and she fancies that this campaign will “maybe lead them to think better next time.”

“I like to think I’m a little part of Italy’s progress in this sense,” she added.

How she reached that conclusion is beyond me. Barbarossa argues that excluding “trans women” from pageants and school sports sends the message that “trans women are not women.” So why would Barbarossa, who insists that she is a man, and the rest of them want to enter a women’s beauty pageant? So the pageant organizers have to sift through 100 extra registrations… so what? They won’t be sabotaging their values in the process. Does anyone think that a woman who has transformed her appearance to look more masculine will get very far in a beauty pageant?

Good luck with that.

Transgender ideology promotes the idea that “gender identity” trumps biological sex. When Barbarossa and the other women who identify as men registered for the women’s pageant, they not only conceded that they are women, they also proved that biological sex isn’t erased by so-called gender identity. Trans men are men? Clearly even they don’t think so.

So, congratulations, Barbarossa, et al: you thought you were “owning the transphobes” or something, and ended up owning yourselves.

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