CNN host gets upset, promptly ends interview when lawmaker calls out bias: ‘Nobody believes that, ma’am’

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CNN host Sara Sidner became defensive Wednesday when Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) accused her of regurgitating the Democratic Party’s talking points.

In a heated exchange over the validity of accusations that President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden engaged in corruption and influence peddling, Sidner repeatedly insisted that congressional Republicans have produced not one piece of “hard evidence” to prove their allegations.

Burchett, on the other hand, told Sidner to “follow the money” and pointed
to the FBI informant who alleged Biden was involved in a bribery scheme. Sidner, however, kept pouring cold water on the accusations, saying there has to be “proof” — an implicit suggestion that there isn’t any.

That’s when Burchett had enough and called out CNN for bias.

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“You know, we can sit here and argue about it, and I get it, you know, you’ve got your base, I’ve got mine, but I’ve seen the documents,” he said.

Rep. Burchett joins CNN to discuss UAP hearing and Hunter

The accusation that Sidner was defending Biden to perform for a “base” did not sit well with her.

“I don’t have a base. I’m a journalist. I don’t have a base, Democrat or Republican,” she fired back.

“I understand, ma’am, you work for CNN. But let’s be honest, if you work for Fox, it’d be the right wing, and you all are the left wing. And I get it,” Burchett responded.

“We are not,” she defended. “I’m not.”

When Burchett dismissed the exchange as “politics as usual,” Sidner told the Republican lawmaker, “You don’t know my politics.” But Burchett was not buying it.

“Nobody believes that, ma’am. You can say that and you can have your fingers crossed under the table,” he told her.

That’s when Sidner promptly ended the interview. But she made sure to get in the last word, telling Burchett once again that “there has to be proof” — both to prove allegations against the Bidens and of her own politics.

For what it’s worth, Sidner argued last year that that investigating the Bidens “shouldn’t be a partisan issue” because there are “serious questions” that need to be asked about Hunter Biden.

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