WATCH: The Video That Made Democrats Storm Out of a Hearing on Gender Reassignment Surgery

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This article includes graphic descriptions of gender reassignment surgery. Reader discretion is advised.

Democrats angrily stormed out of an Energy & Commerce Committee hearing in protest over an amendment that would block funding for Children’s Hospitals that perform “gender reassignment” surgery on minors. Not only did they object to barring taxpayer funds for these barbaric surgeries on children, but they also objected to the presentation of a video by Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) featuring an expert in gender-transition surgeries, and they walked out of the hearing in protest when Cammack showed the video.

In the video that Democrats objected to being shown in the hearing, Dr. Blair Peters M.D. of the Oregon Health & Science University says 80% of his practice is so-called “gender-affirming” surgery, though he adds that where his “passion lies is really genital surgery cases,” which is incredibly sick.

“But the adolescents for sure present some unique challenges,” he began. He then made the outlandish claim that there’s “great evidence supporting pubertal suppression” right before admitting these surgeries are experimental, challenging to pull off, and that there really isn’t any proof they work, contrary to his own claim.

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“The one thing that is very new is genital surgery in someone that has underwent [sic] pubertal suppression,” he continued. “Not so much an issue in someone with assigned-female-at-birth anatomy that undergoes a phalloplasty — because we’re creating something with you know, free tissue transfer, a flap anyway — but a much bigger issue for an individual that’s undergoing a penile inversion vaginalplasty because we use all of that tissue to basically create a vulva as well as lining internal vaginal canal.”

Peters went on to admit that there are no studies proving the benefits of these surgeries.

“Those of us that do a fairly high volume of genital gender-affirming surgery, you know, we’ve maybe done a couple a handful of puberty-suppressed adolescence as a field and no one’s published on it yet,” he admits. “OHSU is — we’re just putting our first series together as we’re kind of learning and figuring out what works.”

The problem with such surgeries, Peters admits is the lack of tissue to create female genitals.

“You either have to take a skin graft or take skin from elsewhere or use artificial products,” he explained in the video. “The way that we’re dealing with it is by using a robot, and we’re basically performing intra-abdominal components of the surgery. So we’re using peritoneum, which is the inner lining of the abdomen, to line most of the vaginal canal. And by doing that, that allows us to use all of the remaining tissue externally to create a vulva and try to make also an aesthetic result.”

So here we have a proponent of transing children detailing the problems of these surgeries, and admitting this is all experimental. This is what Democrats refused to watch.

“I think it’s because it proves exactly what we’ve been saying all along, that this is experimental,” Cammack told Fox News. “This is, I want to say almost akin to a Frankenstein experiment on children. You know, there is no consent that you can give as an adolescent to change your anatomy.”

She continued, “They talked at length in this interview, in this video that things in the operating room never seem the way that they actually are gonna be. It’s no peer-reviewed research, that it’s just trying to figure it out in the moment. They’re using robots, taking the intestinal and stomach lining of these kids’ bodies to create canals. And it’s just a giant experiment at taxpayer expense on kids that really are just trying to figure themselves out.”

Republicans on the committee were successful in blocking funding for hospitals that perform these barbaric procedures on children.

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