NewsBusters Podcast: Hide the Biden Scandals, Create DeSantis Scandals in Schools

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The network Sunday shows largely skipped talk about the House hearings into the Biden scandals, but they were very excited to tout Kamala Harris slamming Ron DeSantis and the Florida experts writing a black history curriculum for schools. 

On CNN’s State of the Union, Dana Bash brought up the IRS whistleblowers testifying, but only managed two lame versions of the question “Are you confident the politics did not play a role here” in Hunter Biden’s probe taking five years? Pelosi called it a “ridiculous clown show” with “Joe Kennedy.” (Wrong hearing, wrong Kennedy.) She meant the Weaponization Subcommittee hearing with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

NBC had no Meet the Press (golf), ABC kept a perfect record of Biden-hearing avoidance on This Week, and CBS Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked Chris Christie if the Republicans should just “move on” from the Hunter Biden inquiries. (He said no.)

By contrast, the networks energetically trashed Ron DeSantis (and hailed Vice President Kamala Harris) on the new Florida standards of black history in schools. Brennan asked Christie to denounce DeSantis (he pounced). ABC’s Martha Raddatz nudged new USA Today editor Terence Samuel to denounce DeSantis. At least Scott Jennings denounced Harris on CNN’s State of the Union. The bashing continued Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN News Central and ABC’s The View, just for starters.

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