Russell Brand is really excited about DeSantis’ plan for Fauci & the CDC

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Famous actor-turned-successful podcaster Russell Brand had presidential candidate Ron DeSantis on his podcast — and he really liked what he heard.

In a clip that Dave Rubin plays, DeSantis told Brand what he really thinks about Fauci and those behind the COVID lockdowns of 2020.

“You still have people today,” DeSantis began, “Fauci and the like, they think that what they did was right. They think that these lockdowns worked, and so my fear is if this happens in the future, a lot of these people are going to want to do the same thing again.”

While it sounds like a warning, DeSantis does seem to have a plan to combat this from happening again.

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“So one of the things I pledged as president, and I think I’m the only one running on the Republican side who will be willing to do this — we’re going to bring a reckoning to this health bureaucracy and this medical swamp,” he explained.

“Because these agencies like [the] CDC, NIH, FDA, they failed the American people,” DeSantis continued, “They’ve become corrupted, and they did a lot of damage with these unscientific, anti-freedom policies.”

Brand appeared relieved.

“That’s pretty heartening to hear. In retrospect … your stance increasingly seems to have been the correct one, and that’s interesting and exciting, in fact, to hear you talk about a reckoning.”

Dave Rubin notes that while RFK Jr. is running as a Democrat and DeSantis is running as a Republican, the two sound eerily similar.

“If you’ve listened to virtually anything that RFK Jr., who’s the renegade Democrat right now, he sounds an awful lot like the governor of Florida, the Republican governor of Florida,” Rubin comments.

“There is a lane for all of these people,” Rubin continues, “we got to figure out what that looks like.”

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