FLASHBACK: Former NIH Director Francis Collins Propagandized Children With ‘Natural Origins’ Guitar Sing-Along

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I included former NIH Director Francis Collins in my rundown of the worst COVID-19 offenders for PJ Media about a month ago, a designation that I stand by for the reasons I enumerated there.

Little did I know at the time I wrote that in 2020 Collins had produced an acoustic guitar sing-along about how COVID-19 totally came from a bat in a cave somewhere in Yunnan or whatever and not from the lab that Collins’ agency was funding via a partnership with EcoHealth Alliance — that sing-along has recently resurfaced.

The description of the video, titled “Dr. Francis Collins and Diane Baker perform a parody of ‘Puff, the Magic Dragon’ for Camp Fantastic” and uploaded to YouTube by the official NIH account, confirms that the target audience is children:

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins and his wife, Diane Baker, can’t do their usual volunteering at Camp Fantastic, where children with cancer spend a week together in a camp setting, but with the necessary medical support. So, taking advantage of some clever lyrics from Dr. Carrie Wolinetz, they created this video in the hopes it will bring smiles to the faces of this year’s campers and staff.

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“A little bat virus loved those human cells,” sings Collins. The little bat virus loves human cells, in all likelihood, because Collins, Fauci, et. al. facilitated the research that made it infectious to humans. This “conspiracy theory” turned into fact becomes more apparent by the day. Collins actively tried to prevent this reality from coming to light.

“Now no one can travel or even leave their homes. Schools are closed, all kids must know, avoid the danger zones,” Collins continues, implying that schools were closed and no one was permitted to travel because of the virus and not, in fact, because of pseudoscientific, unconstitutional Public Health™ edicts championed by Collins.

“We all must do our part to protect the ones we love, so if you meet at least six feet and handle doors with gloves,” Collins goes on. The “six feet” rule, incidentally, was entirely fabricated out of thin air based on nothing. Also, COVID transmission predominately occurs through aerosolized particles in the air, not by touching doorknobs, so the “handle doors with gloves” thing is more pseudoscience.

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All in all, the entire song is an exercise in gaslighting for stupid liberals who believe themselves incorrectly to be enlightened — and their unfortunate children.

The comments on the video are disabled, of course, because nothing contradicting the official narrative must be permitted to penetrate the bubble.

Even criticizing it here is surely tantamount to domestic terrorism or whatever according to the DHS, so if I weren’t already on a government watchlist, I am now. You might be too, just for reading this. You’ll definitely be if you criticize Francis Collins on social media and it gains enough traction to catch the censors’ attention.

While researching this article, I found another cringe acoustic guitar propaganda session by Collins in his outgoing message as retiring NIH Director in late 2021. This little gem is titled “Somewhere Past the Pandemic,” a parody of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

In retirement, Collins is not only not prosecuted for his malfeasance as chief NIH propagandist, next to Anthony Fauci, but remains a celebrated Public Health™ authority revered in the corporate state media.

The GOP controls the House. Why is Collins not in a prison cell, or at the very least dragged in front of Congress to testify under oath about his apparent criminality as the head of NIH for many decades preceding COVID-19, including suppressing the lab leak theory by smearing its proponent as “conspiracy theorist” in the service of covering up his institution’s culpability for the pandemic?

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