Comedian Jim Breuer Trashes Far-Left Media for Attempting to Cancel Country Superstar Jason Aldean (VIDEO)

Jim Breuer (Source: Gutfeld/Fox News)

Actor and comedian Jim Breuer has lambasted the far-left media for their attempts to “cancel” country music superstar Jason Aldean.

Breuer’s remarks come as a response to the ongoing controversy surrounding a recent song by Aldean, which the press has accused of promoting racially insensitive views.

During his guest appearance on ‘Gutfeld’ last Thursday, Breuer called out the far-left media for their biased portrayal, asserting that the media is quick to label incidents as racist, even when the context doesn’t justify it.

“It’s so obvious they only have certain words they always say, that’s it,” Breuer said, expressing his discontent at the frequent usage of the term “racist” in narratives spun by these outlets.

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He said these leftist media are too quick to label an individual or situation with the ‘racist’ tag, regardless of its actual context or intent.

“You can have a car crash, a song about a car crash, and they go, ‘We need a statement – racist, sexist, they hate black people! Is anyone buy that?’” Breuer said.

The comedian seemed baffled at the far-left media’s double standards, highlighting that much more egregious acts, such as arson or violent assault, don’t seem to receive the same level of condemnation as a mere song.

“I listened to the song, I watched the video… What baffles my mind is, okay, you can burn the place down, you can drag innocent elderly women out of a car and beat them, kick them, you can light churches on fire. But just don’t write no songs about it. Now you’re crossing the racial tension line?”

Breuer added, “I live in Florida right now. If things go down, you better find yourself a redneck friend, real quick. You can judge them all you want, but they’re the ones that are up in the tree, know how to skin a hog.”


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