University of Florida LIED to Gov. DeSantis about money spent on DEI propaganda

University of Florida LIED to Gov. DeSantis about money spent on DEI propaganda

In its official filings to the office of Gov. Ron DeSantis, the University of Florida (UFL) massively downplayed the amount of money and other resources it spends on anti-white Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs.

According to Christopher Rufo, a DeSantis education hire, UFL officials have been “lying through their teeth to the governor” by falsely claiming that the school only has about 30 DEI schemes that cost $5 million a year. The truth figure is more like 1,000 DEI schemes at a much, much higher cost.

To prove his claims, Rufo procured internal documents from the UFL showing the true and full extent of the school’s DEI programs. It turns out there are many more of them than the school told DeSantis about, which was intentional to “conceal the radicalism inside the campus.”

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Since DeSantis is on a mission to defund and shut down all DEI programs in Florida, the university tried to hide its programs from his office.

“I’ve discovered through public records requests and the threat of litigation that the UFL, which is under the purview of a Red state legislature, explicitly lied to the governor in its official response to his request about their DEI programs,” Rufo said.

Rufo, a trustee of New College of Florida, is an activist and scholar who wrote a book about all this called America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything.

“But I’ve discovered through these bombshell documents that they, in fact, had more than 1,000 separate DEI programs embedded in every facet of the university’s programs and administration.”


(Related: Earlier this year, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D-Fla.] blasted DeSantis for trying to dismantle Florida’s corporate “equity” programs.)

Hating and fighting against White people is a costly endeavor

DEI advocates claim their schemes are necessary to right the wrongs of the past, which in their minds are all “White” people’s fault. This means giving special treatment to non-Whites and pouring money into programs and benefits for non-Whites.

DeSantis ordered all public universities in the state, including the UFL, to disclose all government funds that are spent on DEI programs, classes and other initiatives to get a grip the scope of their influence. The university told DeSantis’ office that it only operates 30-40 DEI schemes.

The $5 million the school claims it spends on DEI programs includes salaries for DEI staffers, which include a chief diversity officer, an assistant director, a senior advisor to the president and an executive assistant. These positions alone gobble up more than $1 million annually, most of this money coming from state coffers.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are also spent on creating a “welcoming, inclusive work environment,” which is code for an anti-White work environment.

Through Florida’s freedom of information laws, Rufo obtained internal files showing that there are 1,018 different DEI schemes currently in operation at the university. These schemes focus on recruiting and training non-whites to teach anti-white propaganda, as well as positions for “affirming diverse identities.”

Other projects include teaching students about the “legacies of slavery and oppression,” as well as “decolonizing the curriculum.” There is also a “gender pronouns initiative” that sucks up a lot of DEI money.

The internal list also specifies a “Black storytelling project,” training sessions about “implicit bias” and “microaggressions,” and many other entries that the UFL deliberately hid from DeSantis.

“What we see over and over in America’s institutions is that the leaders have been captured by radical left wing DEI ideology,” Rufo says.

“And then when they’re discovered, they make every attempt to hide, obfuscate and conceal the true nature of what’s happening inside their institutions.”

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