OPERATION DARK BRANDON – Biden regime to ban gas generators then unleash GRID DOWN attack on America

OPERATION DARK BRANDON – Biden regime to ban gas generators then unleash GRID DOWN attack on America

Over the past two months, we’ve all seen the CIA-directed corporate media roll out stories claiming a power grid blackout is coming to America. Through predictive programming, they’ve already cast blame for this event on “right-wing extremists” whom the media has somehow concluded will attack power substations across the nation, plunging large regions of America into darkness.

This is all media propaganda, of course. A grid down false flag operation is being planned, indeed, but it will likely be carried out by the FBI and elements of the deep state in order to blame “right-wing extremists.” No group in America runs more terrorist operations that the FBI, the same agency responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Whitmer, the attempting bombing of a Cleveland bridge, and the J6 “fedsurrection” honey pot trap.

Now comes news that the Biden administration plans to outlaw 95% of gasoline generators sold at retail, ensuring that Americans have no access to backup generators when the power grid is brought down by the FBI.

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As published by the Washington Free Beacon, “Biden Admin Rule Would Outlaw Nearly All Portable Gas Generators.”

A proposed Consumer Product Safety Commission rule limits the amount of carbon monoxide a product can emit, with the commission admitting that 95 percent of portable gas generators on the market cannot comply with its new standard. As a result, industry leaders say, the rule will prompt widespread generator shortages, as manufacturers only have six months to design generators that meet the proposed regulation. That process normally takes years…


So the Biden regime, which has already carried out an illegal coup against the United States of America, is revving up an engineered power grid blackout event while banning 95% of gas generators just to make sure nobody can generate their own electricity.

Why would the illegitimate Biden regime be planning to take down America’s power grid while making sure that people can’t generate their own power? And why is this rule being pushed so that it goes into effect in just six months?

They want you to be fearful, desperate, sitting in the dark and waiting for government to save you

Only through such extreme circumstances will most people surrender to government authority and give up their liberties in exchange for the illusion of security. When the power grid goes down, banks won’t function and the internet will be offline. (Cryptocurrency won’t function either, which is why it’s smart to have gold, silver and barter items readily available.)

All commerce will grind to a halt as electronic payments no longer function. Forget about using debit cards, credit cards or food stamp cards. The nation will be plunged into financial chaos overnight, creating the perfect opportunity for central bankers to pull off a currency reset or forced CBDC rollout that they may have ready when they turn the lights back on.

The blueprint is shamelessly simple: Freeze the banks, halt the food supply, announce an emergency, then roll out CBDCs bound to food rationing permissions controlled by government.

If you don’t want to starve, you’ll join the government’s digital money slave system which will grant you conditional permissions to purchase food as long as you don’t criticize the regime or attack its sacred cow narratives such as transgenderism and climate change. Meanwhile, the Treasury can write off all dollar-denominated debt, declare the currency to be “reset” and finalize the great looting of the American people by pillaging their remaining currency assets.

Learn about the types of generators that have no engines and no emissions

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News episode (see below), I detail the two types of generators that have no engines and produce no direct emissions. Therefore, these two types of generators are very unlikely to be banned by the Biden regime. More details are given in the broadcast, but here’s the short version:

#1) Solar generators. These are lithium ion energy storage devices that contain on-board charge controllers and inverters. Combined with solar panels, you can harness energy from the sun and use it to charge or run many devices that use regular household AC electricity. Our sponsor offers these at BeReady123.com.

#2) PTO generators. These are generators powered by small tractors. All “real” tractors have a PTO attachment (Power Take-Off) which is a rotating shaft that transfers rotational power to any attachment you connect. A company called Winco sells PTO-powered generators that plug into these PTO shafts. For every 2 HP of power at the PTO, you can generate about 1 KW of electricity. As long as you feed fuel to your tractor, you will have your own home power grid with this setup.

I suggest Kubota as a tractor brand, and even small Kubota tractors can generate plenty of electricity. Even the small BX Series Kubota sub-compact tractors can power these PTO generators. These tractors start at just under $12K and have up to 19 HP in PTO power (which would generate nearly 10 kW of power). As a bonus, you can also use a tractor like this to move dirt, dig post holes, drag a shredder or tiller, and carry out various farming and crop production activities.

You can also, of course, just go out and buy a residential gasoline-powered generator before the Biden thugs ban them. They are only banning their retail sales, not the possession of generators you’ve already bought.

Remember, if you can’t find any generators on the shelves, that’s because it’s good for the planet to destroy the supply chain and deprive Americans of emergency use power devices, according to the Biden regime.

Learn more in my Brighteon Broadcast News episode, which will appear at:


Here’s what’s covered:

– 95% of gas generators currently sold in America to be outlawed in six months

– Operation “Dark Brandon” seeks to plunge America into darkness and desperation

– Without electricity, no one will have access to websites or private communications

– The simple solution for generating electricity: Diesel-powered tractors and PTO generators

– Brazil’s Central Bank Digital Currency software code found to contain back door CHEAT CODES

– Will allow the central bank to ALTER digital balances or FREEZE accounts at will

– All CBDCs will be “cheater’s ledgers” where governments and central banks lie, cheat and steal

– HONEST ledgers are found in #crypto where no government can print new coins or delete balances

– Privacy coins cannot be found, scanned or confiscated by governments or banks

– When banks are ordered to freeze all assets – like what happened in Brazil – crypto will still function

– Chlorine dioxide found to kill MRSA superbugs

– 99.99% of superbugs killed in just 30 seconds with just 0.5ppm chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

– Published study calls for chlorine dioxide trials in human patients

– Chlorine dioxide is widely used for livestock and is very safe at proper doses

– Every prepper should have chlorine dioxide as part of their emergency medicine kit

– OFF-GRID EVERYTHING: Money, medicine, food, electricity. Don’t depend on central authorities to grant you permission. Have your own means.

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