Man Finds $2 Million Worth of Gold Coins Buried in Kentucky Field


One lucky man in Kentucky found over 700 rare US gold coins buried in a cornfield in Kentucky.

The huge treasure haul has been estimated to be worth close to $2 million.

Most of the gold coins were dated from 1840-1862 and some of the most notable coins discovered in the haul were $1 Gold Indians, $10 Gold Liberties and $20 Gold Liberties.

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The man and the location of where the gold coins were found have not been disclosed to the public due to privacy concerns, but a video of the discovery was released by the US Mint.

Many historians are speculating the gold coins were buried by a wealthy Kentuckian who was worried about Confederate troops advancing during the Civil War


Unearthed recently in a Kentucky cornfield, more than 700 rare U.S. gold coins have become one of the greatest coin-collecting finds of the 21st century.

The coins are dated from 1840 to 1862 and are estimated at a value exceeding $2 million.

Labeled “The Great Kentucky Hoard,” experts described the find as extremely rare, and rarer still to find the coins in such good condition.

“Underneath were just these phenomenally beautiful, preserved coins,” Certified Collectibles Group Executive Vice President Andrew Salzberg said. “And I think they were preserved so well because they weren’t exposed to air, and they were buried in the ground.”

Watch the moment they were uncovered:

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