UK Amusement Park Will No Longer Host Pride Events After Drag Queen Simulated Sex Acts in Front of Children


A UK amusement park has announced that they will no longer host Pride celebrations after a drag queen simulated sex acts in front of children during an “all ages” and “family-friendly” event.

Adventure Island in Southend on Sea, Essex, is apologizing to customers after a Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK star used an angle grinder on his crotch as children looked on.

The park claims that it was trying to be “inclusive,” but that it “backfired on them.”

The drag queen at the center of the controversy, Colin Munro, performs under the alias “Crystal” and was wearing just fishnet tights, a leotard, and a pair of high heels during the sexually explicit and grotesque performance.

“Performing to the tune of Scissor Sisters’ hit Filthy/Gorgeous, Crystal made thrusting motions with his hips and ran his hand up and down the angle grinder while using it to make sparks fly from a metal plate fixed to his crotch,” the Daily Mail reported.

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Philip Miller, the executive chairman of Adventure Island, told the Daily Mail that there had been “confusion” about “what we would allow or not.”

“We humbly apologise to all of our loyal customers for any offence caused,” Miller said. “There was confusion between us and the act as to what we would allow or not as it were. The grinding act was most definitely a nonstarter as we are ostensibly a family park and that is just not family entertainment.”

“Rest assured we will not be rebooking this act or participate in any future PRIDE celebrations it’s just not for us, we tried to be inclusive but it has backfired on us,” Miller added.

Though the park claimed that this was a product of “confusion,” this is the third year that Munro has performed there.

The drag queen defended the performance, telling the Mail that “nothing” he did in the performance was sexual.

“My act is no different to what you might see on Britain’s Got Talent, from Lady Gaga on MTV, or from a street performer in Covent Garden,” he claimed. “This is deemed ‘sexual’ solely because I was performing in drag.”

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