NUTTY NYT Op-Ed Lectures US to Partner with China to ‘Build a Green Economy’

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A climate change alarmist took to The New York Times opinion section to argue that a partnership with communist China was essential to transforming the American energy industry into a green utopia.

Robinson Meyer, founding editor of propaganda website Heatmap, wrote an op-ed for The Times on July 17 headlined, “America Can’t Build a Green Economy Without China.”

After bemoaning how the United States struggled to catch up in the clean energy industry and debated “even whether climate change existed at all,” Meyer celebrated the grossly irresponsible $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act.

Meyer claimed the outrageous spending bill gave the US “an opportunity to become more competitive.” Then came the kicker when Meyer suggested the U.S. play nice with China in order to build its electric vehicle industry. “American engineers will progress in these industries only when they can work with their Chinese counterparts.”

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Of course, Meyer ignored the fact that China is heavily invested in fossil fuels in his ridiculous op-ed. In fact, NPR reported March 2 that “China is building six times more new coal plants than other countries.” 

It’s not as if Meyer was just unaware of how much of a polluter China is. In a March 8 article for Heatmap, Meyer wrote, “Since 2020, the world’s three largest climate polluters — China, the United States, and the European Union — have adopted more aggressive climate policies,” notably putting China first on the list of three.

It’s unclear how Meyer was able to reconcile China’s so-called “aggressive climate policies” with its massive expansion of its coal production. Throughout his op-ed, Meyer never once mentions in his Times op-ed that our proposed partner in this “green economy” scenario is also the world’s biggest polluter.

But Meyer wasted no time lecturing readers in his Times op-ed to not be too suspicious of the Chinese communists: “Competing with China is a good idea. Being so suspicious of it that you trip over your own feet isn’t.” But what if China is the one doing the tripping given its sordid history of “industrial” and “economic” espionage” to steal US technology secrets and intellectual property?

Meyer doesn’t mention this either. Instead, he pontificated that “rejecting Chinese know-how would make us, ironically, more dependent on China in any future security-related rupture — because we will simply have to import from China what we never learned to make ourselves.” founder Steve Milloy told MRC Business that Meyer’s argument “just defies all common sense. You can’t be free and dependent on someone else, especially an enemy.” He also mocked Meyer on Twitter: “The arc of American history: 1775 – Patrick Henry: ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’  2023 – Greens: Let’s be totally reliant on our mortal geopolitical enemy Communist China for energy, transportation, electronics, antibiotics and more.”

Conservatives are under attack! Contact The New York Times at 800-698-4637 and demand it distance itself from Meyer’s nutty proposal for a partnership with China

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