NewsBusters Podcast: The George Soros ‘God Complex’ Gets a Sequel

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Radical-left billionaire George Soros has been plowing many millions of dollars into the American political system for decades now. When conservatives object to it, the liberal media — which he subsidizes heavily — denounces the attention as anti-Semitic. Soros has confessed he has a “God complex,” so he stunned the world when he announced his son Alex would be taking control over his “Open Society Foundations.”

Our Soros expert Joseph Vazquez of MRC Business and Free Speech America explains why that makes things worse for capitalism and free speech. Alex boasts he’s “more political” than his father, and where his father has been relatively reclusive, Alex can be found in pictures with Biden and Harris and Schumer and so on. 

His statements are sometimes wild. Alex warned the U.S. might be headed to “civil war” if former President Donald Trump were to be reelected, bizarrely compared the GOP to ”the Confederacy,” and called the decision to overturn the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade ruling “one of the worst days in American history.”

During the summer of race riots in 2020 after George Floyd’s death, Alex hoped that their Open Society “investments” would help “rip structural racism out by its roots,” which would include defunding police and supporting radical prosecutors who are soft on violent crime. He’s also for legalizing prostitution: “Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world, and the decriminalization of sex work is imperative to the improvement of their lives!”

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