‘Friends are far better than therapy’: Elon Musk responds to woman who says she’s dumping her feminist therapist

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Elon Musk responded to a woman who tweeted about her experience with a feminist therapist and said that she planned to see someone else.

Chandler Remington noted that the feminist therapist had “described a man I had been in a relationship with as predatory, when all our interactions had been consensual,” “blamed ‘the patriarchy’ for problems in my life which stemmed completely from women,” and “made general negative statements about men, portraying them as liars or deceptive for no good reason.”

“Based on all of the above (and much more), I’m starting therapy with a new, *male* therapist on Monday. Wish me luck,” she tweeted.

Musk suggested that therapists are incentivized to keep patients coming back for more sessions.

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“Friends are far better than therapy. The incentive structure is to keep you hooked, never ‘cured’. Be especially wary of therapists in expensive neighborhoods – their true loyalty is to their landlord, not you,” Musk tweeted.

After Remington thanked Musk for the comment, the business tycoon chimed in again.

“You’re welcome. Friends need to know whether you simply want to feel supported or actually to solve a problem (men often assume the latter), which may entail painful words, so best to tell them explicitly,” he tweeted.

“This is an important distinction. I think women frequently misunderstand that men are trying to be helpful when they offer solutions, and overall, if women gave men a bit more leeway, there might be better communication between the sexes,” Remington replied.

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