Sociologist warns: CIVIL WARS are always preceded by CULTURE WARS

civil wars are always preceded by culture wars, and that the United States is very close to breaking apart because of the growth of its current culture war.

In an interview with Politico, Hunter, a sociologist at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, notes that, in the latter half of the 20th century, the culture war was, for the most part, a cultural conflict that was restricted to the American White middle class. But today, this conflict has grown.

“Instead of just culture wars, there’s now a kind of class-culture conflict” that has moved to encompass most sectors of American society. This is problematic, because this means there are more points of potential conflict for the coming civil war that could be sparked by the culture wars.

“Culture wars always precede shooting wars,” Hunter warned. “They don’t necessarily lead to a shooting war, but you never have a shooting war without a culture war prior to it, because culture provides the justifications for violence.”

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Susan Duclos, writing for All News Pipeline, noted that a massive, nationwide shooting war may not be happening yet, but armed conflicts are already beginning. (Related: It’s inevitable: American patriots need guns because a war is coming.)

“We’re already witnessing this in the rise of transgender mass shooters, after years of the media telling them they were under attack when companies or states refuse to allow them to use bathrooms specific for the opposite sex,” she wrote. “The media tells them they are under attack when states pass laws that biological men cannot compete in women’s sports, no matter if they ‘identify’ as a woman.”


Liberals are making the culture war worse

Duclos further warned that America’s liberal elites, in collaboration with the mainstream media, are inflaming the potential trigger points for a second civil war.

With regard to the conflict around abortion, liberals and the mainstream media are trying to characterize killing a fetus within the womb as a woman exercising her right to “reproductive health.”

“In reality, abortion has nothing to do with ‘reproduction’ at all,” wrote Duclos. “It is, in fact, the literal opposite of reproduction.”

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, states restricting the use of restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms to members of the same sex is being reported as attacks against the rights of so-called transgender people when, in reality, these restrictions are meant to protect children and women from potential predators.

“Transgenders have the same rights all Americans have. To live and love how and who they want. If they want to dress up as the opposite sex, so be it, they have the right to,” wrote Duclos. “What they do not have the right to do is to expose their genitals to children or adults of the opposite sex.”

“The bottom line here – and it is not a threat, just a common sense warning – is that the media and liberals need to remember that if the culture war becomes a civil war, which in turn becomes a shooting war, one side has an overwhelming majority of the guns in this country,” she added.

Watch this episode of the “Health Ranger Report” as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warns about how the next American Civil War could begin in Arizona.

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