Must listen: Jim Gale unlocks the secret to an ENDLESS FOOD SUPPLY in super popular episode of Decentralize.TV

Must listen: Jim Gale unlocks the secret to an ENDLESS FOOD SUPPLY in super popular episode of Decentralize.TV

Food Forest Abundance founder Jim Gale has unlocked the secret to an endless food supply through the creation of a “food forest” that requires no gardening (and can be grown virtually anywhere).

Creating your own abundance food supply is a form of decentralization, which means shifting food dependence from centralized (corporate) agriculture to your local community.

With food skyrocketing in price and food rationing likely to be implemented soon, the more food you grow locally, the more you become immune to food weaponization and engineered starvation by the anti-human globalists.

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Plus, local food is healthier and more nutritious than factory-produced food. Most importantly, you don’t need government permission to harvest your own food, which means that a local food forest is “permissionless.”

If you need permission to access something, then you are a slave, not a free person. A food forest creates permissionless food in the same sense that gold, silver and crypto are permissionless money.

Even better, food forests transmute free sunlight energy into human energy via food and nutrition, all at zero cost that the government cannot tax. Realize the power in harnessing the power of nature to produce food for which you pay no taxes whatsoever. This is tax-free nutrition and natural medicine that the government can’t track, control or weaponize against you.

Planting food is an act of courage and rebellion that transcends corporate food centralization and the mass poisoning of the food supply with pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. Learn more about growing your own food forest — and decentralizing your food supply chain — in today’s powerful episode of Decentralize.TV featuring Jim Gale of


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