Is Hunter Biden Really Sober?

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As soon as we learned that cocaine was found at the White House, the number one suspect was Hunter Biden. It made sense. Hunter is arguably the most famous addict in the country, and his destructive habits with hookers, drugs, and alcohol are essentially public record thanks to his infamous laptop. But, for years, the narrative has been that he got clean. While he may not have found God in his recovery, he found art, managing to make big bucks on paintings that your five-year-old child could make. Because why not, right? Nothing suspicious about that at all.

Naturally, when people started asking questions about the cocaine in the White House, the immediate response was outrage. Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said it was irresponsible to suggest that anyone in the First Family was responsible for the cocaine—while making no definitive denial that anyone in the Biden family could be responsible.

Her accusation came mere days after Hunter Biden was captured on video appearing to snort something.

She didn’t even attempt to argue that Hunter Biden had reportedly overcome his addiction. Hunter claimed in his memoir, Beautiful Things, that it was his father, Joe Biden, who helped him realize he had to get sober.

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“Dad saved me. When he knocked on my door, he jolted me out of whatever state I was in and saved me by making me want to save myself. Left on my own, I was certain I would not have survived,” Hunter—or his ghost writer anyway—wrote. “That was Dad. He never let me forget that all was not lost.”

Or was it? The White House investigation proved to be a sham, leaving Hunter as the prime suspect in the eyes of many Americans. And justifiably so. Why? Well, just because Hunter Biden entered rehab doesn’t mean he’s stayed clean. As investigative reporter Paul Sperry noted, Hunter’s cyclical relationship with addiction and rehab goes back decades. Hunter started using cocaine at 18 years old, and was kicked out of the Navy Reserve for testing positive for the illegal drug. How exactly can we be confident that he’s truly kicked the habit, when he’s relapsed repeatedly? As Sperry notes, Hunter has checked in to no fewer than ten rehab clinics since 2003.

This list doesn’t include the fact that last year he reportedly was living across the street from a luxury rehab center in Malibu. Is Hunter still struggling with addiction now, even as he rubs shoulders with the D.C. elite at the White House? Is there any reason to give him the benefit of the doubt?

The sham investigation into the cocaine found at the White House casts further doubt on the claims that Hunter Biden is still sober. Few people honestly believe that the Secret Service wouldn’t be able to find out who brought cocaine into the most secure building in the world. The only logical explanation for the failure to find the culprit is that the culprit is being protected. And why is he being protected? It may just have to do with the fact that Hunter Biden’s plea deal includes a pretrial diversion agreement, which typically mandates substance abuse treatment. If Hunter Biden is found to be using illegal drugs, he could be in violation of the agreement and potentially face prosecution for the firearm charge, for which he could potentially be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The White House can’t have that as Joe Biden is running for president again.

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