Climate change extremists glue themselves to German airport runways, cause travel turmoil

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Climate change extremists caused travel turmoil at two German airports after the radicals glued themselves to the runways to protest pollution.

The Last Generation – a self-described “national student-led organization focused on raising awareness for climate change and environmental injustice” – blocked air traffic at airports in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. The so-called protest over environmental issues by “Letzte Generation” caused dozens of flight cancellations and hours of delays in Germany on Thursday.

Seven members of the Last Generation illegally broke into the airfield at Düsseldorf Airport by cutting through a security fence, according to the New York Post. All of the individuals reportedly glued themselves to the airport runway.

There were nine people who breached the perimeter fence around Hamburg Airport, and eight of the trespassers glued themselves to the tarmac around 6 a.m. on Thursday. One environmental activist was arrested, according to German authorities.

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The Economic Times reported, “Affixing their hands using concrete and epoxy resin, the group aimed to raise awareness of the lack of action being taken to tackle climate change.”

A 21-year-old environmental extremist said, “We can’t watch any longer as our Earth burns with our government adding fuel to the fire every day with their fossil madness. That’s why we’re blocking the airport today.”

The Last Generation said the protest was ignited by the government’s “lack of planning” and “breaking the law” over greenhouse emissions causing the so-called climate crisis.

The Last Generation proclaimed, “Why the protest at the airport? If not at an airport, where is the right place to protest the destruction of our livelihoods?”

“The world is on fire and we are the last generation to have a chance to pick up the fire extinguisher,” the radical climate change group stated. “Instead, we allow our government to subsidize air travel, a major catastrophe accelerator, with billions annually. It is like a collective suicide and we can no longer accept that.”

“Instead of presenting a concrete plan to prevent this and to reach the emissions-reduction target called for by law, the Transport Ministry is relying on ‘technological flexibility,'” the Last Generation said in a statement.

There were reportedly 46 Hamburg flights canceled, delayed, or diverted.

The climate change protests occurred on the first day of schools being on vacation for the summer.

The extremists were arrested for disturbing the peace, coercive behavior, and dangerous interference with aviation, according to police.

German Transport Minister Volker Wissing declared, “The Last Generation isn’t protecting the climate, they’re engaged in criminal activity.”

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