‘Blustery coward who plays the tough guy’: Tucker Carlson and Chris Christie trade barbs

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Fresh off hosting The Summit – where Tucker Carlson took on several noteworthy Republican politicians – the former Fox News anchor took aim at Chris Christie.

Two days after The Summit, presented by Blaze Media, Carlson mounted a counterattack on Christie – who said Tucker has “always been wrong” about the Ukraine war.

On Sunday, Christie appeared on “This Week” and attacked Carlson for his apprehension of any excessive involvement in the Ukraine war by the United States.

“This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked Christie how he would have responded to Carlson’s questions about the Ukraine war that he presented to several of the GOP presidential candidates during The Summit – the first presidential forum of the 2024 primary season.

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Stephanopoulos asked, “If you were being pressed on Ukraine like that, how would you have responded?”

Christie responded, “I would have said, ‘You’ve always been wrong about this, Tucker, and you’re still wrong.'”

The former Republican governor of New Jersey continued, “That, in fact, what’s going on, George, is that this is a proxy war with China. The Chinese are funding the Russian war by buying Russian oil. They’re coordinating with the Iranians to provide lethal weapons to the Russian army.”

“And we can decide when to have this conflict. Right now the Ukrainians are willing to fight this fight for themselves if they have our support to be able to win it,” Christie added. “If the Chinese watch us back away from Ukraine, as Tucker Carlson and others would advocate, believe me, the next move will be Taiwan.”

Carlson responded to Christie’s comments on Twitter. The conservative commentator shared a screenshot of a Mediaite article with the headline: “‘You’ve Always Been Wrong About This, Tucker’ Chris Christie Pummels Carlson Over His Opposition to Ukraine.”

Carlson hit back, “Sounds like this could use a longer conversation. We just asked @GovChristie to sit down and explain his views on Ukraine. He refused.”

Tucker wrote, “You hate to think that Chris Christie is a blustery coward who plays the tough guy with sycophants at ABC but won’t answer real questions, but who knows? We hope he reconsiders.”

At the time of publication, Christie had not responded to Carlson’s tweet or invitation.

Christie is a Republican presidential candidate for 2024. According to Real Clear Politics polling data, Christie only sits at 2.6%.

When asked by Stephanopoulos about winning the GOP nomination, Christie said, “Through Donald Trump. There’s no other way to do it, George. There’s not a separate lane or a – you know, we’ve heard these conversations before in presidential races. In this Republican primary there is one lane to the nomination, and that lane is right through Donald Trump. He’s at the head of it.”

“And you have to make the case against Donald Trump and convince Republican primary voters two things,” Christie said. “One, that he is not electable, and he will not beat Joe Biden. He’s lost to him before and would lose to him again, and probably Joe Biden would bring a Democratic House and Senate with him. And, two, that his record doesn’t merit him to be the nominee again given all the failures, both personal and policy, that he’s had.”

You can watch The Summit in its entirety below.

Blaze Media Presents: The Summit, hosted by Tucker Carlsonwww.youtube.com

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