EVIL Disney unveils new program about little girl who inherits blood-drinking cult, complete with ritualistic MURDER and human sacrifice

EVIL Disney unveils new program about little girl who inherits blood-drinking cult, complete with ritualistic MURDER and human sacrifice

A new Disney show called “Praise Petey” is scheduled to premiere on July 21 on Freeform and Hulu, and it is exactly the kind of filth we have come to expect from the once-trustworthy Disney empire.

According to reports, “Praise Petey” is about a young girl who inherits “a human-sacrificing, blood-drinking cult whose logo has the all-seeing eye,” to quote one source.

A product of Disney Television Studios’ 20th Television Animation, “Praise Petey” is something that parents will not want their children to watch, despite bearing the Disney brand name.

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Described by The Hollywood Reporter as an “adult animated comedy,” “Praise Petey” depicts a girl having to move from the big city to “a place called New Utopia” where she is charged with taking care of her deceased father’s ritualistic murder cult.

“It’s a community her father founded, only it’s not like most,” the Reporter described. “Here, everyone’s part of a cult. Even worse? They believe Petey’s their prophesied savior.”

“You being here means the prophecy of the great daughter’s return is fulfilled,” one of the characters, voiced over by actor John Cho in a fake southern accent, says in a two-minute teaser of the show.

“Is this town doing okay?” the Petey character then asks before another character, voiced over by Kiersey Clemons, responds with, “Nah, we’re starving.”

(Related: Disney is one of many LGBT-pushing corporations that hates children, morality, and traditional family values.)

Female empowerment is of course a prominent theme in “Praise Petey”

In order to fulfill her father’s cult’s prophecy, Petey is to return to the town where his cult has a stranglehold. Petey does not want to do this, though, and instead chooses to “girlboss” her way out of it.


As usual, Petey is propped up as an independent, empowered woman who defies the patriarchy, which is admittedly evil in the context of the show’s premise. Petey takes it upon herself to remove the cult elements from her father’s town and give the community a different pathway forward.

“No more human sacrifice,” Petey, dressed in a “midsommar-like flower gown” tells the community members of New Utopia upon becoming empowered. “I have a vision for New Utopia, and it is bright!”

In other words, the evil patriarchy was ruining New Utopia, so a woman had to come in and change everything to turn it into a paradise – talk about a typical, predictable yawner from Hollywood.

“Disney is crap,” one commenter wrote, putting it plainly and simply.

“Actually, Disney is a clear-cut child abuse corporation at this point,” responded another. “Where is law enforcement?”

Like the rest of the corporate-controlled media machine, Disney remains outspokenly opposed to the new “Sound of Freedom” film starring Jim Caviezel of “Passion of the Christ,” even while it simultaneously promotes banal filth like “Praise Petey.”

“No wonder they are trying to diss ‘Sound of Freedom,'” another commenter wrote about Disney, which openly supports grooming, transgenderism, and other forms of LGBT pedophilia and perversion.

“This is just another verifier to show us how sick American and Western culture has become.”

Numerous other commenters pointed out that decent parents everywhere will stop allowing their children to consume Disney programming.

“Parents do not want their kids around these homosexual pedophile child molesters,” one said. “Disney World in Orlando is suffering. Here it is, nearly mid-July, schools are out, families are on vacation, and the streets of Disney are just about empty!”

“Probably even the kids don’t want to go after running from their perverted public schools ‘teachers,'” responded another.

The latest news about Disney corruption can be found at Evil.news.

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