‘The media are completely determined to suppress the truth’: Tucker Carlson sits down for an interview with Glenn Beck

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Tucker Carlson claimed that Washington and media figures are not bothered by lies but that they have a meltdown when people tell the truth.

“No one in Washington or in the media … is ever outraged by a lie,” Carlson told BlazeTV host Glenn Beck during a wide-ranging conversation on Friday after Carlson had interviewed multiple presidential candidates earlier in the day at the FAMiLY Leadership Summit. Blaze Media teamed up with the FAMiLY Leader for that event.

Carlson said that when someone states something true, individuals get “hysterical and call for your murder. And certainly call for your deplatforming.”

“The media are completely determined to suppress the truth,” Carlson declared.

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Beck asked Carlson whether he believes it is possible to “stop the Deep State.”

Carlson said that doing so would be “pretty tough.” He said the federal agencies wield a great deal of power and that “Congress provides no oversight at all.” He said the intel committees are “controlled by the intel agencies.”

“Does AI make it nearly inevitable that everyone on earth loses privacy” as well as “personal protections?” Beck asked.

“Of course, yes, at best,” Carlson replied, adding, “there’s no privacy.”

Beck’s full interview with Carlson is available on BlazeTV.

Blaze Media Presents: The Summit, hosted by Tucker Carlsonwww.youtube.com

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