John Kirby Defends Woke Military, Says Diversity Equity and Inclusion ‘Important’ (VIDEO)


John Kirby of the Biden administration defended woke policies in the U.S. Military on Friday, saying that Biden absolutely believes that diversity, equity and inclusion is important in the armed services.

Every branch of the military has been struggling with recruiting in recent years and this might be one of the reasons why.

The military is not supposed to be a lab for social engineering.

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FOX News reports:

Kirby claims anti-woke defense bill puts troops, military readiness at ‘greater risk’

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby claimed that the left-wing policies Republican lawmakers condemn are actually essential for military readiness Friday.

The House of Representatives narrowly passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Friday, which Republicans have touted for pushing back against “woke” Pentagon policies. Most Democrats rejected the bill due to hotly debated amendments that would curb the Pentagon’s abortion travel reimbursement policy, transgender medical procedures and Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) programs throughout the military.

“DoD’s strategic advantage in a complex global security environment is the diverse and dynamic talent pool from which we draw,” the White House statement of administration policy said in response to the bill earlier this week. “We rely on diverse perspectives, experiences, and skillsets to remain a global leader, deter war, and keep our nation secure.”

Here’s a clip:

People are not impressed.

The military is being ruined by these people and it’s all being done in the name of social justice.

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