DOJ Accused of Removing Child Trafficking Information From Its Website

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With the debut of “Sound of Freedom” came the perplexing if inevitable backlash from the Leftist “popular” media. I expected that the mainstream culture warriors would ignore the movie, but I was surprised at the reaction by some outlets linking the film to QAnon, etc., although I was not completely surprised that when Disney had the rights to the film it practically tried to hide it in the vault behind dusty old prints of “Song of the South.”

It would appear that while the issue of human trafficking evokes outrage, empathy, and sympathy among the majority of people, it is something that our cultural betters would prefer the world ignore. The problem should make people uncomfortable, but the emotions human trafficking produces should motivate people to act, not avoid the problem.

Under such auspices comes a report that the Department of Justice has scrubbed information from the human trafficking page of its website.  According to an article in The Washington Examiner, the DOJ has removed some portions dealing with child sex trafficking. The sections that were removed include “International Sex Trafficking of Minors,” “Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors,” and “Child Victims of Prostitution.” The magazine also said that after May 12, the DOJ pulled a section about domestic trafficking which read, “Pimps and traffickers sexually exploit children through street prostitution and in adult night clubs, illegal brothels, sex parties, motel rooms, hotel rooms, and other locations throughout the United States.”

That bit of information is important in light of recent developments in the case of the Marine at Camp Pendleton who is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl. reports that the Marine claims that he met the girl on Tinder and that she used a false name and claimed to be 22. The girl and her family said that she was a victim of human trafficking and that she was kept locked up and sold by a pimp. This is yet another indicator of just how far this insidious practice has metastasized globally and nationally.

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But human trafficking seems to have become a third-rail issue for the Left and people in power. Roger Severino, who is the Heritage Foundation vice president of domestic policy, told the Examiner:

For some reason, people on the Left get really uncomfortable and defensive talking about child sexual exploitation. Republican administrations direct more resources to child and human sex trafficking, and then Democratic administrations pull that back. They treat it almost as a distraction from some things they consider to be more important. The fact that these issues get pulled back under Democratic administrations is contemptible.

Why would the DOJ doctor its human trafficking page, and why does the Left have such an aversion to addressing it? I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but there are reports of trafficking in Hollywood and the matter of Epstein and his island. And this is America in 2023 where every day is “Anything Can Happen Day,” so I am sure that there are plenty of people among the ranks of the favored who have been breaking into a cold sweat at least once a day.

The Left also makes it a habit to champion causes that can be used to smear conservatives and any other dissenters. Unfortunately for progressives, human trafficking is something over which people can come together, and the prospect of a united public makes the Left’s skin crawl.

But Severino makes a salient point that the Left has an agenda. Aside from adding some real star power to future perp walks, tackling human trafficking would, by necessity, mean tackling the issues of border security and illegal immigration. And the Left is a proponent of, and heavily invested in, illegal immigration. According to the Examiner, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) contends that the DOJ’s move is directly related to the situation in which the Department of Health and Human Services lost track of 85,000 migrant children. Her statement said in part:

The DOJ specifically deleted a section that implicated the Biden Administration’s open-border policies in correlation to the sex trafficking of children. The deleted portion read, “One form of sex trafficking involves the cross border transportation of children. In these situations, traffickers recruit and transfer children across international borders in order to sexually exploit them in another country.”

The DOJ also scrubbed references to child exploitation in the form of prostitution: “Pimps and traffickers sexually exploit children through street prostitution, and in adult night clubs, illegal brothels, sex parties, motel rooms, hotel rooms, and other locations throughout the United States.”

DOJ’s blatant move to distance Joe Biden’s harmful policies from the global crime of sex trafficking should be no surprise to any of us who have seen the blatant sexualization and abuse of children this Administration is comfortable with promoting.

As it currently stands, Joe Biden has lost 85,000 children to the hopeless and horrific cycle of international sex trade being conducted on our doorstep, which acts as a launching pad for traffickers to exploit the bodies and souls of innocent children.

To sum up: while I have no doubt that there are wealthy, powerful perverts out there, it seems that the people who view themselves to be our social, commercial, and political masters have decided that there is too much to lose by taking human trafficking seriously.

If you study the issue of human trafficking long enough and cover enough court cases, one thing becomes evident. The people who enslave children and produce harmful material and the people who abuse children and consume that material do not care about anyone but themselves, something they seem to have in common with our “leaders.”

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