Surrogacy horror: Gay ‘dads’ demand abortion

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Brittney Pearson, a California mother of four, has claimed she was told to terminate a surrogate pregnancy at 24 weeks by the two gay men who hired her.

Pearson had been diagnosed with breast cancer, which doctors said would require aggressive chemotherapy to treat.

While Pearson wanted to attempt to save the baby and induce an early delivery, the gay couple refused — even when Pearson and her family members offered to adopt the child.

The entire situation has been incredibly tragic for Pearson, who says that when she received her diagnosis, the first thing that came into her head was that she needed to be there to buy her daughter a prom dress.

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“She’s only 12, so she’s not going to prom yet, but I was like I need to be here for that.”

When the gay couple found out about her diagnosis, she recalls them not being “very nice.”

Allie Beth Stuckey, horrified, asks Pearson what “not very nice” means.

“They just started threatening, like, lawsuits,” she recalls.

Doctors told her she could deliver prematurely at 36 weeks, but the couple wouldn’t go earlier than 39 weeks — no matter what.

Pearson claims she felt like a “rented uterus” who was “just being used instead of being a part of something.”

After the cancer had spread to Pearson’s liver, the gay couple refused to discuss any option other than terminating the pregnancy and threatened any doctor who delivered the baby with a lawsuit.

“They wanted no lifesaving measures if the baby was born alive,” she recalls, adding that “they wanted the baby just completely gone.”

Despite the couple’s attempt to force an abortion, Pearson found a hospital that would deliver the baby and had the baby, ironically, on Father’s Day.

“That’s the day their baby was born, if they even still think of it as a baby,” Pearson adds, noting that the couple kept calling the baby a “fetus” at every appointment.

Tragically, the baby did not survive, but was “held and cared for and loved for a short amount of time before they took him.”

While Pearson fought for the ability to deliver the baby, after the baby was born all decisions contractually were shifted to the couple — who did not want to try to save him.

“It’s something that will never not be right at the front of my mind.”

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