Migrants say San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies make it so easy to sell drugs, it’s fueling a real estate boom in Honduras

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A report from the San Francisco Chronicle found that sanctuary city policies aided drug dealers from Honduras so much that the money sent home is fueling a real estate boom.

The report cited interviews with Honduran migrants who sold drugs in San Francisco.

Migrants said that the sanctuary city policies meant a lower risk of deportation and shorter stints in prison after criminal convictions for drug sales and other crimes.

Under the central tenet of the sanctuary law, the city jail does not allow ICE to place holds on local prisoners so they can be picked up upon release and deported. The only way most dealers face deportation is if they are arrested on federal charges or in another city.

One drug dealer told the Chronicle that at least 50% of the drug dealers in his home town were selling in San Francisco because of the lax enforcement policies.

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“The reason is because, in San Francisco, it’s like you’re here in Honduras,” he explained.

“The law, because they don’t deport, that’s the problem,” he added. “Many look for San Francisco because it’s a sanctuary city. You go to jail and you come out.”

Some of those dealers were making so much money and sending it home that the real estate market had experienced a surge in Honduras.

“San Francisco gives me the money, the free money,” said one former drug dealer who said he used that money to build a home in the Honduran village he was from. “San Francisco is my city.”

The Chronicle reported that even when some drug dealers were deported, they simply travelled back into the U.S. illegally. One said that he had been deported nine times.

The report also found that some people in Honduras were decorating their homes and vehicles with San Francisco 49ers logos as well as the San Francisco Giants baseball team over their drug dealing ties with the city.

“One mango-colored mansion is an homage to the city: a Golden Gate Bridge sculpture on the garage door, a San Francisco Giants logo on the balcony’s ceiling, two 49ers logos on the front gate,” the report documented.

Here’s more about Honduran drug dealers in SF:

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