Joe Rogan reacts to MSNBC article linking fitness to white supremacy: ‘Holy f***’

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A resurfaced article that linked physical fitness to white supremacy garnered a shocked response from podcast host Joe Rogan after the official account for MSNBC posted it Monday.

“Being healthy is ‘far right.’ Holy f***,” he tweeted.

The opinion article from 2022 tried to claim that white supremacists online were trying to use physical fitness in order to seduce people into extremist groups.

The article from opinion columnist Cynthia Miller-Idriss was ridiculed widely when it was first published, and that mockery was reignited on social media.

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“The only way to prove you’re not a Nazi is to get fat,” said columnist Bridget Phetasy, who has been a guest on Rogan’s podcast.

“Being normal is a revolutionary act nowadays,” replied BlazeTV host Lauren Chen.

“Wtf, i did 10 pushups and now there’s a swastika tattoo on my shoulder,” joked one user when the article was originally published.

Others scolded Rogan for supposedly not reading the article before responding.

“Begging you zero brain cell s***heads to read past a headline just one time. Good Lord,” read one response.

“I love how millions of dudes think this guy is some genius when he’s a total f***ing moron who can’t read,” said another critic.

Rogan had previously mocked liberals for trying to link fitness to the right-wing cause and accused them of appealing to people who are lazy and fat on his incredibly popular podcast.

“There’s a giant percentage of our population that is really lazy and fat, and if you want those people on your team you have to say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with being lazy and fat, in fact; not being lazy and fat is actually connected to misogyny, racism, and fascism, and the far right,'” said Rogan in February.

“So people are like, ‘Great, let’s just eat donuts and just f***ing vote blue,'” he concluded.

Rogan’s tweet about the article received more than 163k likes and 10.5 million views in just five hours.

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