Is Stephen A Smith OUT at ESPN?

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ESPN has been slashing jobs, including those of well-known personalities like former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy and player Jalen Rose.

Stephen A. Smith warned fans on his own podcast that he fears he could be next on the chopping block.

Jason Whitlock isn’t completely buying it.

“I think it’s crystal clear if you follow Stephen A. Smith — he’s extremely restless. I think he’s bored with ‘First Take.’ I think he’s bored with sports. I think he wants to be a nighttime talk show host for a major television network.”

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Whitlock believes Smith actually wants out of ESPN, not the other way around.

Steve Kim agrees, noting that Smith has been hinting through his commentary that his interests lie elsewhere.

“He made a comment about the violence in cities like Chicago,” Kim says, continuing, “he’s off code; the community is not going to be happy.”

“He’s playing this game of checks and balances to keep I think one side very happy and placated with the statements but then also his own personal beliefs. I think it’s fascinating to see how he vacillates between the two,” Kim adds.

Kim adds that even Whitlock, who once covered sports, outgrew it.

“You probably went through the same thing because most of what you cover now is not sports. You have branched out; you have evolved.”

Kim thinks Smith is doing the same thing.

“Let’s see what happens because Stephen, in his own mind, I believe has outgrown sports.”

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