SUCKER! Jim Acosta Lets Hunter Biden Rep Claim Hunter’s Laptop Has No ‘Forensic Validity’

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Remember when Jim Acosta screamed and demanded answers from Donald Trump as a White House correspondent? Now the same man is a weekend host that lets Hunter Biden’s most shameless champions say whatever they want. Facts are definitely NOT first.

Acosta’s guest was Denver Riggleman, the embittered one-term Republican congressman who joined the Pelosi January 6 committee staff who is now on the Hunter Biden defense squad.

Acosta began with a softball: “Why did you decide to take on this case and work with the Hunter Biden legal team and what’s your role here?”

Riggleman said he’s doing the same forensic analysis for the Bidens that he did for Pelosi. “But why did I really take this? It’s because, you know, I do hate bullies.” Anyone who’s read anything on Hunter Biden’s behavior — especially toward women — would know he’s a major-league bully!

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Then came the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy chatter: “I also found out, you know, as the Hunter Biden legal team reached out to me, that a lot of the people that have been pushing this are the same people that pushed the J-6 conspiracy theories. And once I saw that some of the same techniques were being used, you know, and that you had the Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, you know, and Peter Navarro’s, you know, staff all involved in pushing the Hunter Biden laptop data.”

That’s called guilt by association, exactly as the Democrats did it right before the 2020 election, crying “Bannon” and “Giuliani” like a mantra as the laptop was suppressed.

The Acosta softballs continued: “What kinds of things are you looking at? Are you looking at the laptop, for example, that has been talked about so much? Are there other types of data? What can you give us insights into?”

RIGGLEMAN: Yes. And there are some things I can’t talk about because unlike the grifters out there pushing data, I actually have to have transparency and verification, right, and data to stand up in a court of law, but I can tell you this. What we want to look at first is the data that’s out that’s purported to be Hunter Biden’s laptop. We wanted to see if there was any forensic format or any forensic validity to it, and there was none.

Jim, I think what surprised that, if you’re looking at data from 4Chan or from a site like Marco Polo, you have to have forensic validity. And I am shocked that anybody in Congress would use that data or any journalist would even use those sources because what we found out, and we do have the data, we have the 1’s and zeroes. We have the facts based, you know, analysis based on the 1’s and zeroes that we have, we found these are very same folks.

At this late date, after The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CBS News, among others, have verified significant files on the Hunter laptop, these 21st century Carvilles are running around saying the entire laptop is invalid. Riggleman even claimed the anti-Biden side is a bunch of crooks: “you have felons and people that have been disbarred that are really running this Hunter Biden fiasco.

Who is a felon? Is everything on the laptop a fake? Jim Acosta didn’t ask these questions. He was played for a sucker.

When Acosta asked about the testimony of whistleblowers, Riggleman naturally said there were nothing of the kind. They were “so-called whistleblowers, I don’t even know if you want to define them as that. It seems like they’re always wrong, either, you know, witnesses turn up missing or dead or somehow the data just disappears into twilight or people can’t even spell words correctly or actually go through how a laptop is broken down and any type of notes.”

Jim Acosta’s weak limp of an interview was brought to you by Trivago.

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