2 would-be robbers shot dead by armed man at Texas ATM, police say

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Two would-be robbers allegedly attempted a stickup of a Texas man at an ATM in broad daylight. Little did they know it would be the last thing they ever did because the armed man shot both would-be thieves dead, police said.

Around 1 p.m. on July 7, a man in his 20s went to the ATM at a Chase Bank in the southside of San Antonio, Texas. While attempting to withdraw money at the drive-thru ATM the man said two people drove toward him. The two men were also in their 20s.

One individual got out of the car, and the alleged victim believed he was about to be robbed.

The man withdrawing money drew his gun and shot both men.

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The suspected robbers both died in the parking lot, according to authorities.

San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus said during a press conference, “It was a robbery that didn’t go well for the robbers.”

McManus said the alleged victim was being interviewed over the purported robbery attempt.

“They’re going to interview him further,” McManus said, according to KSAT-TV. ” That could potentially change but right now, what we’re looking at is, he’s the victim of a robbery and was acting in self-defense.”

Authorities did not name the two deceased men or the shooter. It was not clear if the alleged robbers were armed.

McManus noted that the crime may have been a “jugging incident.”

The Austin Police Department defines “jugging” as:

A form of theft that includes robbery. It occurs when a suspect follows a victim from a bank to their next location. These incidents include but are not limited to large banks, check cashing stores, drive-through bank services, ATMs, and smaller banking branches. Victims are approached, threatened with violence, or assaulted while the suspect demands the money or aggressively takes the cash bag. The crime happens frequently when cash bags are visible as the victim leaves the bank or ATM.

McManus said there were no immediate charges filed, and the shooting remains under investigation.

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Man shoots, kills two men who allegedly tried to rob him at a South Side ATM, Chief McManus sayswww.youtube.com

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