Maryland Democrat equates American Muslims with ‘white supremacists’ over their support for parental rights and opposition to LGBT propaganda

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A Maryland Democrat has equated parents who take issue with their children’s subjection to LGBT propaganda in the classroom to white supremacists — even if the defiant are non-white Muslims.

What’s the background?

Concerned parents in Maryland, like others across America, took a stand this week against the gender ideology and LGBT agitprop pushed on their kids in elementary schools.

Parental rights groups Moms for Liberty and Family Rights for Religious Freedom organized a peaceful protest outside the Montgomery County Public Schools Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

Chief among the groups’ stated concerns was the MCPS’ recent decision to prevent parents and families from opting their children out of lessons and instructional content that stood in direct conflict with their religious beliefs. Previously, parents were able to spare their children from having to read LGBT activist literature.

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The following are among the newly approved “LGBTQ-Inclusive Texts” for use in kindergarten to grade five MCPS classrooms that, extra to various activist lessons, are apparently no longer optional:

  • “Pride Puppy,” detailing a young child’s conversations with various activists at a Pride parade while looking for his lost dog;
  • “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding,” about a little girl’s peripheral involvement in her uncle’s gay “wedding”;
  • “Intersection Allies: We Make Room for All,” touted as “a smooth, gleeful entry into intersectional feminism”;
  • “My Rainbow,” a story about a mother’s efforts to groom her transvestic son; and
  • “Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope,” a story by activist and Chair of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Board Jodie Patterson about her daughter’s misapprehension in thinking she’s a boy.

Christian and Muslim parents together chanted “protect our children” and “religious freedom now,” reported Newsweek.

Former Georgetown University professor Asra Nomani suggested the protest amounted to a “lethal blow” to the hard left, writing, “As a Muslim feminist, I don’t agree with many of the conservative interpretations of my Muslim community, but I do believe and they believe in the integral right of parents to parent.”

“During the Obama administration, Muslim groups aligned with far-left interest groups that actually contradicted the socially conservative beliefs of many Muslims. This was not going to sustain itself, I knew,” wrote Nomani. “Sure enough the hard left came after the one interest that no mama bear or papa bear is going to surrender: our kids.”

Maryland Democrat signals a schism on the left

Abdullah Ali, a professor of Islamic studies at Zaytuna College, spoke to the alliance of Muslim and Christian parents in Maryland: “When interests converge and the stakes are so high, unlikely alliances form. This is far better than the fictitious alliance Muslim leadership in the West brokered with the left. The left took advantage of Muslim fears and longing for acceptance and then placed Muslims under the left’s umbrella in order to advocate for their agenda to the detriment of the Muslim community.”

Montgomery County Councilwoman Kristin Mink (D) appeared to signal the breakdown of that “fictitious alliance” at the controversial school board meeting Tuesday, excommunicating Muslim parents over their refusal to uphold LGBT dogma.

“This issue has unfortunately put … some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as white supremacists and outright bigots,” said Mink.

The imposition of LGBT activist literature on children is “not an infringement on, you know, particular religious freedoms,” added Mink. “Just as we cannot allow folks to opt out of teachings about evolution, we can allow them to teach about this.”

Mink later reiterated in a post on her Instagram, “1. LGBTQIA+ people exist, and 2. othering them (such as by allowing families to opt out of materials that include LGBTQIA+ people or show them being accepted for who they are) increases bullying, depression, and suicide. A curriculum that excludes the LGBTQIA+ community does not reflect reality.”

Mink noted she was not swayed by the testimony of various children who spoke to their desire to learn without compromising on their religious beliefs.

One MCSP graduate, Yasmeen Elkoshairi, said, “Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right that protects the conscience of all people. It allows us to think, express and act upon what we deeply believe. But around the world and in the United States, this freedom is eroding,” reported Fox News Digital.

Another student said, “Never should a student be marginalized or excluded because of their opinions. Giving kids the option to skip these sessions enables us to exercise our right to practice our religion freely while preventing us from experiencing harassment at school.”

One parent said, “We identify with our religion. You have to be fair and equal in accepting different identities. Please reinstate the opt-out since it’s fair, it’s equal, and it respects all.”
The Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team, part of the Religious Freedom Institute, noted on Twitter, “An Arab parent, a West African imam, and an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian priest walk into a school board protest… Here are some of Montgomery County councilmember Kristen Mink’s ‘white supremacists’ at today’s rally.”

This is not the first time that Mink has pushed for the incorporation of gender ideology into the MCPS curriculum.

In March 2022, she pressured the school system to “ensure the inclusion of transgender, nonbinary, and other LGBTQ+ people in our school curricula “in all subject areas and across all grades.”

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