Is an RFK Jr.-Tucker Carlson 2024 Ticket Possible?

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Indulge my populist fantasy momentarily. I don’t want to believe Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Maybe pigs can fly. The Easter Bunny is real. Just ask Joe Biden; he wouldn’t know where to walk without him (or her; I don’t know the Easter Bunny’s preferred pronouns).

Whom the (nominal) Democrat will select as his running mate is not clear yet. I would like to humbly submit Tucker Carlson for consideration. The two have a demonstrable affinity for one another, personally and politically.

RFK Jr.’s been hitting lots of Carlson-esque notes in his rhetoric of late, like his stance on closing the border and woke corporate neo-feudalism.

When Carlson got fired from Fox News, RFK Jr. was quick to come to his defense.

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Via People:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is weighing in on the bombshell announcement that Tucker Carlson has left Fox News, claiming on Twitter that the exit came because of the right wing personality’s “breathtakingly courageous” monologue about pharmaceutical companies.

Kennedy, who just last week launched his 2024 campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, claimed that Carlson had been “fired” by Fox News, despite the network saying in a statement the two parties had “agreed to part ways.”

Before he got taken off air, which possibly contributed to his removal, Carlson bucked the “conspiracy theorist,” “anti-vaxxer” corporate state media line on RFK Jr., taking a significantly more laudable approach.

Via the Fox News transcript from Tucker’s April 19th show:

So, at this point, the question isn’t who in public life is corrupt? Too many to count. The question is who is telling the truth? There are not many of those. One of them is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Robert Kennedy knew early that the COVID vaccines were both ineffective and potentially dangerous and he said so in public to the extent he was allowed. Science has since proven Robert f. Kennedy Jr. right. Unequivocally right.

A few short years ago, before the Trump phenomenon, these two men’s divergent ideologies might have seemed incompatible in terms of running together. But they have converged on each other’s positions because they have shown a willingness and sufficient ideological flexibility to modify them over the years based on new information.

Getting Tucker Carlson on board as the VP candidate would go further to attract conservative voters, who have already demonstrated a penchant for supporting Carlson. Many have pledged to switch party registration in closed primary states to vote for RFK Jr.

Of course, Carlson has himself repeatedly rebuffed calls to get involved in electoral politics. Perhaps it’s for the better, as his rhetorical flair is an invaluable asset to the grassroots right. But goshdarn if I wouldn’t be ecstatic to see those two together on the campaign trail.

Even though he’s never even hinted at political ambitions, the mere prospect of Carlson running for president terrifies the left into a catatonic state, because they know how popular he would be not just with conservatives but across the political spectrum.

A more plausible running mate for RFK Jr. at this point of the game than Tucker Carlson would be Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi and Kennedy both appeared recently at the Bitcoin conference as invited speakers. They’ve each said nice things about the other in the media. They’re both marginalized, nominal Democrats whom the party has gone to great lengths to excommunicate on account of their unorthodox opinions.

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