Majority of “new jobs” in the US under Biden have gone to foreigners, not Americans

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It is no secret that the Biden regime loves to make itself look good by fudging the jobs numbers, but did you know that it is also lying about all these “new jobs” we keep hearing about, which are actually going to foreigners rather than actual Americans?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there have been more than 3.3 million new jobs created since the peak that occurred just prior to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crash. This, we are told, serves as evidence that the economy is strong and in much better shape than it actually is.

It would appear as though fake president Joe Biden and his regime have made an incredible accomplishment by erasing the deficit of some 22 million COVID-related job losses in under three years, but further digging reveals a much different reality.

For one, there are peculiarities in the data structure that suggest most of the jobs that were supposedly created in recent years have gone to “multiple jobholders,” meaning people who picked up a second or even third job in addition to their primary one.

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The government is also engaging a sleight of hand by using “payroll” numbers to count jobs. It turns out that not every “payroll” is assigned to a unique individual, as some people hold two, three, or more jobs just to make ends meet.

(Related: Just last month, the Biden regime said that the only way to stop “climate change” is by getting rid of jobs and forcing Americans into poverty.)

Not only were all new jobs filled by foreigners, but the data suggests most of them are ILLEGAL ALIENS

Another major elephant in the room is the fact that most new jobs supposedly created by the Biden regime are low-paying positions held by part-time workers, not to mention the fact that none of them are held by U.S.-born citizens.


Right now, there are 131.1 million native-born workers in the U.S., which is down more than half a million from the pre-COVID peak of 131.7 million reached in October 2019. In February 2019, there were 27.8 million foreign-born workers, and now there are 30 million, which means that 2.2 million more foreigners are now employed in our country.

Crunching the numbers, one can quickly see that all of these new jobs the Biden regime is bragging about did not even go to people born in America, nor are they living wage-type jobs that even deserve attention as being some kind of laudable achievement.

If all of these new jobs were high-paying jobs filled by hard-working Americans, it would be one thing. But to brag about millions of new part-time, low-wage jobs being filled by foreigners as something special is certainly not an honest depiction of a healthy economy.

“… both the number of native-born workers and the actual native-born labor force have stagnated, while foreign-born workers have flourished and captured market share or rather employment and wage share from native Americans,” one report states about the data.

“… unfortunately the BLS does not break down the ‘foreign-born’ data set into legally and illegally-immigrated foreign-born workers, although considering that it was virtually impossible for legal foreigners to enter the U.S. – let alone work in it – for nearly two years after the COVID pandemic broke out, it is rather safe to assume that much of the foreign-born work has gone to illegal immigrants.”

These hidden truths are likely to be the subject of much debate in the upcoming 2024 presidential debates as the Republican candidates are likely to run on a platform of hiring more native-born workers rather than illegal alien workers, should one of them take the White House.

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